A Lot of Paperwork and Questions

Wow. I just opened a can of worms and peeked in. I’m looking into getting my own business license through the city of Santa Rosa. There is so much surrounding that process that is unclear. For Madame Saslow’s Curio I don’t think I need a Fictitious Name, since my surname is in the business name. I’m not sure if I need a seller’s permit with the state. I do have to charge tax for my goods, but if I get my other business “House Sprite Interiors” going, I don’t have to charge sales tax because it wouldn’t be producing new tangible goods. I think it would fall under the category of “reconditioning existing goods”. Cleaning and reorganizing doesn’t create anything new in the real sense.
So I guess I’ll be making a lot of phone calls to a lot of bureaucratic workers to see what I need. The other question is, if I file for a business license, does that mean I’m no longer unemployed, even if I am not making any money yet?


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