My Craft Room

I love my craft room! I just got this janky blue bookcase at the thrift store for $5! It just barely, sort of, not really fit in my car so I could get it home. The shelves aren’t adjustable and the paint job isn’t the greatest, even if you aren’t looking at the color. Still, I NEEDED more shelving and I didn’t want to drive to Ikea to buy something more expensive and new. Why buy new when there is serviceable stuff already made and waiting? I’m not saying this is the greatest bookcase ever, but for $5 it certainly does the trick.
I really want to get more of my table surface cleared off, but still have my materials at hand. Room to work on my table and not just store stuff on my table is beautiful.
Also, the big old lamp was a great thrift store find. Proper lighting is very important and this lamp reminds me of my grandpa Rich and my mom.


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