Holiday Cards

I am having a ridiculous amount of fun making holiday cards. I just became the proud inheritor of a massive amount of heavy card stock in a rainbow of colors. Perfect! I wanted to get my Etsy shop “Holiday-ified” by providing cards for people to include in an order if they wanted.
Then, I was stumped. Draw something on it? Not so much. Buy a stamp and use it over and over? Certainly not! Glitter… I basically hate glitter. What to do, what to do? This morning it hits me. YARN! I love yarn. I have beautiful yarn waiting to be seen and admired. So for a few hours this morning I’ve been sacrificing my fingers to the Hot Glue Gods turning yarn and paper into something that really makes me smile.

Of course, I want to make all of my own holiday cards to give away this year (and now that I’m married, the list of relatives to give cards to has more than doubled).

But, I thought I’d start with you. The first ten people to comment in my blog and refer someone else to my blog (whether they “follow” or not), get a custom made holiday card! So far I’ve been making stars, star of davids, hearts, and x-mas trees.  After you’ve commented we’ll be in touch to find out what you want on your card.

Much happiness!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Cards

  1. Heather

    Beautiful!! So beautiful I want some of my very own! I think I shall refer my husband to this site so he can also enjoy your beautiful cards! I will also refer my friend Vanessa whoo loves craft paperworks like this. 🙂


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