Fan Girl

In a previous post, I was gushing about my mom, Kathryn Stovall Dennis.  She’s my favorite artist and a great inspiration.  She carves out a living making art.  Its wonderful.  On top of that, I’ve seen her work my whole life and I’ve never been bored with it.  Anyways, I had made the off hand comment that I should just make a page for her, and I did!  Now you can see a sample of her work online!  The photo albums are nice and fat, and I’ll try to keep her upcoming events posted.  Today she’s in an art sale at a friend’s house in San Clemente. 4pm to 6 pm at 2405 Calle Madiera San Clemente, CA. There will also be sea glass jewelry, crocheted scarves and hats. Wine and appetizers will be served.  If you or someone you know will be in the area, you should stop by.  The more the merrier!  And if you can’t make it to Orange County, please stop by my mom’s Face Book page.  It may just look like a FB page, but there is a lot of love in it.


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