You, my Dear Reader or The Process of Writing

My darling reader, why do you read me?   Because you are my friend and I asked you to read this?  Because I’m following your blog or podcast and you feel obligated?  Because I’m amazingly interesting with a great writing style?  Because you enjoy the process of journey and evolution as much as I do?  I really want to know.

I write this blog for me, first and foremost.  I’ve been journaling since I was about 14.  I write every night with pencil in cursive in a book.  I have a great collection of beautiful journals filled with my own personal nonsense.  I love writing about my day, even when no one reads it, not even me.  Livejournal was my first experience with a public journal.  It was strange and foreign to me, but I got to like it a lot, once I learned to open up a bit.  Then people sort of quit using it.  Facebook isn’t the same.  It isn’t satisfying to me.  People don’t post much of substance.  It is better if I think of it as a way to network, to look people up, to invite people to events, but not for any real meat about what is going on in their lives.  Even Twitter is better, since it limits people and keeps it short, sweet, and clean.  This blog is a place I can get it all out, document my process, thoughts, struggles, triumphs.  It isn’t a place to sell you what I make.  Its a place to be me as person, a creative being, an artist, a business woman, an anything I need to be right then.

I write this for my friends, since they are the secondary readers of this blog.  I hope they want to know what I am passionate about, what I am excited by, this adventure of giving into years of yearning to have my own business.  I finally get to try something really bold with my life.  Its scary, dizzying, amazing, exhilarating, and I want to take you all along for the ride.  You’re my friends for a reason.

This blog is for other new entrepreneurs.  I hope to inspire others, to give them any help I can, to let them learn from my mistakes, to encourage them.  They’ll know they aren’t the only one frustrated by their computer or giddy with a new idea.  They aren’t alone, even now that they are going it alone.  I’m here, too, and I hope they’ll be here for me.

Funny enough, this blog is for artists, too.  Its amazing how looking at something someone else did, bouncing ideas off another person, reading about a new process can get creative juices flowing.  I’d love for this blog to be a conversation place for artists.

So, thats why I write.  Your turn.


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