A Very Cool Store- Lucky Mojo

In my travels today I finally went to a store that was recommended to me years ago.  Lucky Mojo Curio in Forestville, CA.  They have a great web presence, too: http://www.luckymojo.com/mojocatmap.html

This picture is not up to date on the paint job (red walls with gold trim, so very me) and doesn’t begin to convey the fabulous, cozy, magic, secret, overwhelming nature of the place.  Its hard to find, with a tucked away driveway on a residential street.  It isn’t a big shop, but it holds lots of interesting little things.  You will have to peer closely, the lighting isn’t the best.  The smell, however, is wonderful.  It isn’t just all of the incense they have for sale, they have packets of herbs, powders, rose petals, and they have books.

Why am I writing about this here?  What does this have to do with anything?  Well, I found fabulous evil eye beads!  I got a few different ones to incorporate into my jewelry.  I also splurged and got myself a brass Ganesha pendant.  Ganesha is associated with luck and opportunity, both things I am cultivating right now.  I look forward to using some of the beautiful things I found there in my work.  The really cool thing, I happened to be wearing my favorite red domino earrings and one of the employees really liked them.  He asked for my card and promised to tell his friends about my Etsy shop.  In talking he also said I should talk to the owner about selling my earrings there!  Exciting!

Its all part of the journey.  I love being able to go where life is taking me.



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