MSMB Networks- A Company I Love

Some day Madame Saslow’s Curio will grow.  Maybe your company is growing now.  You move out of the craft room and into the garage, livingroom, or even a rented space!  Exciting!  You might even be able to *gasp* hire someone!  Someone to help take orders, wrap and ship, or run a register.  You are really making it in the business world!  But what do you do about all the technology that comes with it?  Who do you call when you need your computers to do things you just can’t seem to convince them to do, no matter how you curse, plead, beg, or threaten?

I call MSMB Networks.  My friend Christopher is a tech genius.  He and his partner Steve make all systems go.  They are experienced, professional, certified, and forward thinking.  They can help you come up with a plan that grows with you to stay under budget and avoid common mistakes.  Christopher and Steve are always available to help, too, so when you are trying to get work down and your computer isn’t cooperating, they can help, be it in person, over the phone, or remotely.  I 100% trust my business technology needs to MSMB Networks.  You should, too.


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