Patchwork Post

This post is about everything.  No point in making a million little posts for all the things floating in my head.

I updated my shop policies on Etsy.  I feel more complete and real as a seller with that info, basic as it is, plainly on my site.

Keeping my blog open ended, more like a conversation and not just me talking is hard.  Blogging feels a lot like keeping my journal, and no one else reads my journal.  I’m not crazy enough to pose questions that I expect immediate responses to in my private journal.  But here I’m trying to get other people involved.  Any suggestions on that?  Maybe someone could review one of my previous posts and suggest places I could have engaged readers more.

I am really enjoying “31 Days to Build a Better Blog”.  I am on day 4 and need to go find some outstanding blogs to look at and figure out what makes them great.

I still haven’t figured out how to embed a link in my blogs, but I made a great slideshow in my other blog,

I think I’m taking better photos.  I’ve been reading a lot about it and its really helped.  This video is also good.  I still want to head over to Shutterbug and ask more questions, maybe get the lens cleaned.

Communities and Teams on Etsy are still a bit of a mystery to me.  I need to go over there and poke around.  I’m on the Success Team and the Blog Team.  More reading!

No sales have been made yet.  Even if I didn’t make any money or get the satisfaction of selling my work, I’d like the practice.  I have no item what selling an item on etsy looks like on the sellers end.

Heather and Chelsie, what do you want your fabulous holiday cards to look like?  Being my fantastic commenters, I am looking forward to making you something lovely to give (or keep) in these coming holidays.  I’m even working on *gasp* envelopes.

I want to work on paper things today.  Envelopes, Jewelry cards, maybe paper boxes for shipping things in, and more cards with more layers of paper.

Yesterday I super-glued a bail to my finger.  Photo included for your amusement.  What a pain to get off.  Even when I am accidentally gluing things to myself, I do quality work.  Thankfully, I have acetone nail polish remover.

Also included, a picture of my haul from Lucky Mojo.  Great beads.  I’m wearing Ganesha on my favorite chain now.


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