My Fabulously Feathered Hat!

I have a fabulous hat.  It was pretty fabulous before, when the feathers where peach, but they were falling off and looking sad.  A hat shouldn’t molt.  And as great as peach is, I don’t wear a lot of pastel colors, even when I’m costuming.  So, it was high time this hat got new feathers!  What a mess it was to pull off all the old feathers.  They were glued onto a strip of fabric that was sewn to the brim of the hat.  I plucked that hat within an inch of its life!  It took awhile to decide on a “feather attachment method”, but gluing them right back on that strip seemed the best in the end.  I used regular old elmers, my fabric glues and other craft glues either need to be replaced or are generally too thick and gooey for delicate feathers.  I am pleased with my choice so far.  Nothing has fallen off and nothing looks squished down.  The soft gray hat body looks wonderful with the new TEAL feathers, accented with some burgundy and hmm… mustard colored feathers.  Not just yellow, not butter, not marigold, but not as brown as mustard evokes.  The accent feathers have lovely black on them, creating a polka dot pattern on the feathers.

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I also jazzed up my holiday cards the other day.  They were missing something, and that something turned out to be metallic paint pens!  I went a little crazy adding funky doodles and I love it.  My favorite one has the “x mas” lettering.  I was given some transfer letters, and I really like them.  I don’t know how I’d reproduce that look without more.  I guess a set of letter stamps could do it.  And I wouldn’t be stuck with a few letters that I don’t use, or always needing more “A”s or whatever letter gets overused. Oh, I like this one, too!  Xmas presents for me?


4 thoughts on “My Fabulously Feathered Hat!

  1. Judi

    Love the Blog!!! Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! You are one talented lady, just like your Momma! LOVE you darling girl

  2. Heather

    Ooh! I like that green Christmas tree card! Very nice work, Adriann! The had looks marvelous too! You’re one lucky gal to have such talent and the opportunity to really put it to use! Keep Going!


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