Giving New Life to Orphaned Yarn & Primer: the Joys of Watching Paint Dry

It is only 1:16 and its already been a lot of day.  I finished my scarf!  Its made with orphaned yarn.  My mom’s best friend died a few years ago.  Mom was helping the John clean out his wife’s craft cupboards and there were just two balls of yarn.  She wasn’t a knitter, we’ll never know what they were intended for originally.  They don’t even look like her style/color sensibility to me, Stephanie was more whites/neutrals/shabby chic/beach house.  As a knitter, homeless yarn usually finds its way to me.  I love the colors!  The limey green and the pink/yellow/brown go oddly well together in my mind.  And I love yarn that changes thickness (sometimes).  So, I decided to just combine the two yarns in a funky, stripey scarf.  It looked great.  Then I got the crazy idea to try to felt this yarn of unknown material.  I do know that Stephanie didn’t buy cheap stuff, so it probably had some animal fiber in it.  And the worst thing that could happen is nothing.  Well, I suppose I could have broken the pump on my washing machine again, like I did recently washing an outdoor cushion I had bought at Ikea, but that wasn’t likely.  So, in the machine on hot it went!  Its wonderful!  Its thick, cozy, and bright for dark, cold winter days. 

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Milo was a lovely model.  Jacques would have none of it, but wanted to be included anyways.  He’s busy sleeping on clean laundry.

Oh, funny thing about the green yarn.  For who knows what reason it was cut into about 50 pieces and wound around itself.  So as I was knitting, I discovered that it wasn’t an intact ball.  I actually like the little pokey bits sticking out from the knots I made, it goes well with the thick/thin irregularities of the yarn.  Unlabeled, hand-me-down yarn is always a new and exciting challenge.

I am also really excited about paint drying!  Yes, paint drying.  No, I’m not even watching it and I’m excited.  Technically, its primer, which is much harder to get off of my hands…  I’ve given 1st and 2nd coats to my upcycling projects.  I’ve got two (spice) racks, a fantastic pillar candle base, a chili pepper separated bowl, a desk organizer, and three hat hooks (those will be for me, my Fabulous Hat needs a hook, you know).  I keep changing my mind on one of the racks.  Bright cherry red vs. teal vs. magenta.  I did decide I want it to be a solid color, though.  The delicate legs on it are so pretty just the way they are.

I still can’t figure out how to split my pictures into two different slide shows.  In a perfect blog, the scarf pictures would be above and the primer pictures would be down here.  I thought I figured out how to embed a link, but I guess not…. Back to the drawing board on that one.

My new computer is here!  Woot!  Russ really made it a work of art.  When my new monitors get here tomorrow or Friday I’ll be blogging in style!  I also ordered alphabet stamps.  I was so pleased with my idea of it, and they weren’t expensive.  I’ll give you pictures when I get to play with them.

What have you been excited about lately?  Have you made something wonderful?  Where can you inject a hit of color into your life?


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