Some Thoughts on Editing

I’ve been thinking a lot about editing.  I’ll admit, most of my blog posts get very little editing.  I just write whatever idea have formed in my head and get it out there.  Now, I’ve been reading a lot about blogging, all sorts of general how-to’s, more specific articles about post titles,    and writing theory.   I’d like to think I’ve gotten better at writing blog posts since I started more than a month ago.  So, I’ve been wondering what to do about my not as well written early posts.  What to do about them?  I could leave them, who would really go back to re-read a post, anyways?  If I didn’t want to grow my blogs any bigger than they already are, that would be an acceptable mentality.  But, I have grander goals.  I think what I have to say is interesting/informative/funny/whatever enough that I could have 50 people following me (Then I could be as cool as Megan’s Creative Blog)!  Someday I’ll have at least two comments on every post (even if one of them is mine)!  This blog will be a place for conversation, support, and sharing!  And so, my dear readers, I’ll be using the new information and ideas I’ve gotten about blogging and edit previously published posts.  When I visit a new-to-me blog, I don’t just read the most recent post.  If it seems interesting, I’ll jump around to older posts.  The idea of someone being turned off by my older, rougher blog posts is sad.  I edit so many other things in my life, why not my blog?  I wouldn’t leave my art work unedited.  I frequently take apart an old, not as great necklace and remake it.  I have no problem in adding a bit of color or changing the arch of a swoop in a painting, even if its been “finished” for awhile.  I clean off my work surfaces, editing and streamlining what is in my view on my desk, I even like editing whats behind closed drawers.  Why should things be any different in this new “art” I’m enjoying?

The changes I’ll make won’t be monumental.  I don’t want to spend more time editing than actually creating new content.  I might tweak a title, add a reference, clean up a link, whatever.  But all of those little alterations will add up and enhance the value of my writing.  Cleaner, smoother, more interesting, easier to use, and just more enjoyable for the reader.  And even if no one re-reads that old post, I’ll feel better knowing that what is representing me in this crazy internet is better than it was before.  What do you have in your life that you have considered “finished”, “done”, or “good enough” that could use a little polishing?  I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Editing

  1. MegansBeadedDesigns

    (I’m cool? Who woulda thunk it!?! LOL)

    Yeah, I’m usually the blogger who notices a glaring typo AFTER the post has been published, or even, several days later (or not at all). Oops. Sometimes the excitement of getting that awesome new post out to the rest of the world to see can overcome the need to make sure I don’t accidentally write “aren’t these adorable handmade boobs” instead of “handmade bowls”!

    Editing/proofread = important. Does it always happen? Heck no. And if you notice a glaring mistake later? Who cares? Just change it an move on.

    We’re all human and sometimes those minor errors remind us of just that. 🙂

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