Salvation Army’s Transformed Treasures Auction

I am really excited to be participating in the Salvation Army’s “Transformed Treasures Auction” this year.  I’ve already signed up, but its not too late for you to join, too!  The Salvation Army will send you vouchers good for up to $50 of their merchandise, you go shop for furniture, clothing, jewelry, bric-a-brac, whatever, and transform it into something beautiful and wonderful for the Salvation Army to auction at their special luncheon Saturday March 10, 2012.  You can create up to three items.

(No, this isn’t my entry, but its pretty fabulous.  It certainly looks like something I’d make.  I haven’t found the right piece of junk yet.)

This auction benefits The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, Pinehurst Program in San Francisco.  Its a 24 bed facility that works directly with women suffering from drug and alcohol addition.  These women become “transformed treasures” themselves.

This event speaks to me on so many levels.  Obviously, its right up my alley of art style.  Scoping out the thrift stores for great things to “upcycle” is my favorite pastime cum business.  What a great opportunity to expose my art!  But deeper than that, this will help people who need it.  I’ve always loved being a volunteer at various places over the years.  Giving back is very important.

If you want to give back, or just want to make something fabulous sign on up!  I know I have lots of artistic friends who would be great at this!

Email and they will send you a registration form.  Yes, you’ll have to physically mail it in with a stamp and everything!


9 thoughts on “Salvation Army’s Transformed Treasures Auction

  1. Sivje

    Adriann, I met you tonight at Cattleman’s. Very, very nice to meet you along with your darling hubby and my crazy loud family!
    This Upcycling Auction looks really fun and for a wonderful cause. I may check into it. I love to create and re-create, especially if it benefits others. And I love to re-create furniture too. FUN!

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