Do You Know How Easy & Cheap it is to get Business Cards?

It is easy and cheap!  They aren’t the snazziest cards in the world, but you now have no excuse to not have business cards.  Yesterday I went to FedEx Office, used their computer for free, used their “Business Card Design” software for free, and had them printed the same day.  $24.90 for 250 cards.  The run of 100 was only about 5 bucks cheaper, so I splurged and got the larger amount.  I’ve been handing out pieces of pretty colored card stock I had cut up to use as price tags for scarves one x-mas and didn’t use all of them.  I had then written “” on it in sharpie so you could read it with all of the background design of the paper.  They make a statement, and were certainly better than nothing.  But, it was time to move up a notch.

All of this business card flurry was prompted by my dear friend Christopher inviting me to a BNI (Business Networking International) meeting for today. He said I should bring about 50 cards.  Well, heck if I was going to spend my day yesterday hand writing all of those!  Nor did I want to print something janky from home.  I do not have the savvy to make that happen on my home printer without more cursing than I wanted to invest in this project.

Though I had typed up the pretanent info to print on my cards and brought it on a thumb drive, their business card design software was great.  Different styles and layouts, you can change the fonts, and even add a little clip art or upload your own image.  If you want to pay more or wait longer (it was the waiting I objected to, as I had the meeting at Oh My God its Early this morning) you can get cards with printing in color, front and back, with that nice glossy surface, whatever.  I got mine on red paper.  Bet you didn’t see that one coming!  Ha!

So without further ado, my new business cards!

Yes, I can tell you are jealous, but you don’t have to be!  Go forth and get some business cards of your own if you don’t have any.  I’d make some changes next time, the font isn’t bold or dark enough, and that funny swish on the bottom isn’t as cool looking as I though it would be, but these are training wheel cards.  Still, I can’t wait until I have the perfect logo and the perfect graphic designer and all the money in the world to spend on business cards to actually have some.  Funny, how having business cards at all will help promote my business so I can get nicer business cards.

What do your cards looks like?  Where did you get them?  How could you hand them out more often?


2 thoughts on “Do You Know How Easy & Cheap it is to get Business Cards?

  1. MegansBeadedDesigns

    I’m a graphic designer so I make my own business cards, but you are right about them being cheap to print! I think that having a design which reflects your brand is super significant. Think of each card as a mini advertisement for your business! If you are going to be handing them out at meetings or craft shows, you want the people to look at your card and remember exactly what kind of products you were selling, so that they will be compelled to visit your website/blog/whatever.

    I’ve been meaning to add a listing in my Etsy graphics shop for custom business card design. Typically I charge $10 for a unique business card design, because I want to keep it affordable for new Etsy sellers who are just starting out with their branding! 🙂


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