Must Read Blogs (That Aren’t Even Mine!)

If you are reading this from my actual blog and not just your email or facebook, you may have noticed I made a million little changes.  It is all part of the editing process I talked about in a previous post.  Not too familiar with my blog?  Well, I added a link to my Etsy page right under a photo of me!  I really do love that photo, and I love blogs with a photo of the writer on them.  It makes the blog more personable and to be honest, it helps me keep all of my blogs straight.  I read a lot of blogs on creative businesses and the photos help me associate the wisdom with a face, not just a name.  The order of my widgets is different, too, which is a small thing, but I felt like my tweets were clogging up my blog space.  Those needed to get moved to the bottom.  Some widgets I ditched entirely if I didn’t feel like they were really helping anyone.  I don’t know if the “Tag Cloud” is helpful, but I think its pretty, which counts for something.

I am really pleased to announce my “Blogs I Heart” section.  Like I said, I’ve been  doing so much reading, absorbing, and learning on the internet.  I try to sum it up and pass it on, but sometimes you just need to go to the original source.  These people are a great inspiration to me and help keep me motivated.  Go check out their blogs and see for yourself.  You can also find them on Twitter (in no particular order): @Glamour365, @JessVanDen, @laurasimms, @meganauman, @taragentile, & @blacksburgbelle.

I’d love to know what your “Must Read” blogs are.  Please link me to them in the comments!


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