Photography Link Round Up

I came across a great page with a collection of Product Photography Tips from Handmadeology.

It has a number of great articles on topics such as using daylight and flash, time saving tips, and some really neat “Smoke and Mirrors” type tricks, just to name a few.  I especially like the Using What You’ve Got post.  Photos aren’t necessarily going to be perfect and professional, but using good light, knowing your camera, and doing a little editing (even if its just taking the time to crop nicely) really make a difference.  Its also great to have props and backdrops on hand.   As great as light is for me, I am not a white backdrop kind of girl for most of my pieces.  Yes, yes, I know I’ve used a shoddy looking one before, but I’m still learning and editing.  I love the fabulous dark teal velvet I used for my recent wreath listings.  It really lets the colors pop in a way the pink walls of my craft room didn’t.  Its also great for not being too shiny.  Shiny is nice, unless you are trying to get a great photo.

I have included a huge slide show to give you an idea of how many photos I take and how funky it looked when something isn’t cropped or just not right.  Or the cat decides to help, but be a pissy model and not look at the camera…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The other thing that I’m taking pictures of all the time is yummy, yummy food.  This little link here is invaluable for the specific task of photographing edibles.  The closer you get to ugly (but tasty) food, the better the picture.  Who knew?

I’d like to encourage you to keep working on your own product photos.  There is always a little something you could tweak.  Don’t sell a product?  What about photos you might take at holiday gatherings this season?  Family and friends gathered around a table, lights on houses in your neighborhood, Woody’s darling new baby, whatever catches your eye.  Your camera might have a setting to help capture that moment in a beautiful image for you.  Moving a stack of mail off the counter will make the picture of friends drinking wine  look a little more polished.  We are all artists, and everything we do can be art, even if its just for ourselves.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s another link to a site full of links on photography!  Enjoy!


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