I read a blog, Michele Made Me, and this post was so inspiring.  I want to share it with all of you, in the hopes that you are inspired, too.  No, it isn’t about making anything.  Its about taking a walk.  Yes, I took my camera with me for a different perspective, but really the getting outside and clearing my head was the glorious part.  Yes, it means I got exercise as a by-product of walking, but that wasn’t entirely the point.  I spend so much time inside now that I’m working from home.  I might run some errands now and again, but there isn’t a whole lot of reason for me to be outside this winter.  It was lovely to bundle up and go walk a path I’d never been down.  Sure, it was next to Highway 12, but it was rejuvenating.  I hope you crave out a little time for yourself to go for a walk.


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