A Million and One Projects in the Works

 Image Source, a Mormon Website, strangely enough.

I have a love of lists.  One particular list is titled “Big To-Do List”.  It lives on my desktop, not getting done with any amount of speed.  I did just manage to chop off a few things, but not because I did them.  I just decided that “Scraping all the ceilings in my house” could not be on the list.  That task will still be there, but I want this list to be about FINISHING projects, not just starting them.  Granted, there are a few projects to start in there, but wait!  I think I’ll move them to the list I have called “Ideas for Gifts”.  Its a great list of things I want to give people for their birthday or xmas.  Its really saved me so I don’t have to think of things for people all at the same time.

Back to this list.  This isn’t a New Year’s Resolution.  I am working on a new habit that I hope to have established by the end of the month to eat more slowly and really enjoy my food, not just inhale it, but thats a whole other blog post.  This list just needs to be hacked at, not the tiny nibbles I’ve been making.  I can add to it faster than I’ve been working on it!  Thats just a set up for frustration.  So, in here I share with you my now even slightly shorter list (only because I shifted the weight to other lists…).  I am making a commitment to get some of these things done!  Lets say, at least one by the end of January.  Maybe 2 in February (it is a leap year, so I have an extra day!).  Those sad socks have been sitting on my list and in a random gift bag awaiting to be finished and worn for so long I might have to refrog the second sock again because I have no idea where I left off.  Let me tell you, that is not a productive use of my time.  Other things will be easier, two items are just buying MAKEUP for Bob’s sake.  Why is this even on my list?  Some also look easy, like getting hooks for hats and purses, but I’m funny and I want to buy them used at Restore or the Goodwill.  I think I may just suck it up and buy them new.  Since I haven’t found them yet, its taking more energy and resources to keep looking for something so basic.

What can you get done right now?  What have you been putting off? 


Big To-Do List!

Take New Product Photos with new Setup

Finish Hallway Trim

Socks in Progress

Upstairs bathroom black paint design

Hat and Purse Hooks

Desk Drawer Organizer

Backdoor trim

Paint Second Coat Stairway Teal –Then Bag?

         Determine color

Office Closet Needs shelving

Italy Photo Album

         Order Photos from Snapfish

Strip and Stain Plant Stand

Make Domino Jewelry

Night Stand with more drawers

         Find the right one at Goodwill to restore

Buy Painterly Base

Buy Light Shadow

Foundation or Concealer

Write Madame Saslow’s Curio Business plan


Livingroom window trim & downstairs doors

         Fill holes in window trim

         Paint teal wall before closet door

Write House Sprite Interiors Business Plan



        Knit more squares

Funny paint on copper around front door

        Find good design

Tile or paint in downstairs bathroom

       Find cheap pretty tiles or get more paint

Tile Fireplace

       Look at tile with Alex to pick style

Replace icky kitchen cabinet doors


5 thoughts on “A Million and One Projects in the Works

  1. madamesaslow Post author

    Woot! Buy Base and Light Shadow are DONE! I also finally bought a 20×30 frame for our beautiful collage poster from our wedding (new, since I haven’t been able to find one used)

  2. Terra

    I love making to-do lists, there is just something so satisfying about being able to cross things off. Sometimes I designate a day to work on my “big to do list” and sometimes it can be very productive, like I get on a roll…others day i start one task and then find myself watching Bones on netflix hehe But I have been working on refinishing this armoire for months haha

  3. kathryningrid

    Yes, lists are useful, even those that have such long-term and molasses-like turnover they seem glacial. Probably especially so for us visual artists, for whom a visual memory jog is better than almost any other sort to help us prioritize and plot and plan and all of that good stuff! Congratulations on any and every item that gets ticked off the list *whenever* it happens!

    1. madamesaslow Post author

      Thank you so much. I did manage to order now only my Italy photo album, but my wedding album, too! In time for the coupon of 50% off, no less. Now… back to slow…
      What are you working on? I highly recommend getting the things done that can be outsourced first. Its a quick, invigorating hit of accomplishment.

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