Re-working Work: TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

If you haven’t checked out Megan’s Creative Blog or her Etsy shop (one of a few, actually, but this is my fav), DO IT NOW!  Her work is gorgeous (and affordable) and her blog has provided me with info and inspiration.  Her two recent posts, How to Make Your Etsy Shop Visually Appealing and Easy Ways to Improve Your Product Photography have fueled the last two days of my work.  I haven’t made anything new, but I’ve made everything look maybe 150% better in my Etsy shop.

I’ve been taking so much better new photos in my new set up by the window with a white foam board to help bounce the light.  Having the gorgeous dark teal velvet for most of my backgrounds gives the shop a more consistent feeling.  Also, I finally updated the white face with washed out straight blonde wig.  My mom pointed out that it was creepy and not “Madame Saslow” fabulous at all.  She was right.  For your visual comparison:

See what I mean?  SO much better.  Go check out my Etsy page to see the other changes.  I’m really proud of the work I’m doing.  It isn’t in my nature to go back and fix things.  I like to get them right the first time and then forge ahead.  There is still more to do, more pictures to take.  What do you think?  I’d love your comments.


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