Disco Ball DIY

Hello!  I’ve been making disco balls!  I know, I’m crazy.  But I’m playing in a improv theater type game Sanguine Dreams and its set in 1982.  So, to make my roller skates look awesome, I need disco balls.

First, I purchased a large mirror at a thrift store.  Mirror at Beverly’s was EXPENSIVE.  You can buy it in already cut tiles if you aren’t comfortable cutting glass.

I spray painted these silver, so any showing bits would look nice.  This is an awkward process, as the styrofoam is very light and the spray paint moved them around on the table I was using.  I just sort of pushed them back and forth with the spray paint so they stayed on the table.  If you are using something heavier in the middle, you’ll just have to do this in two steps, or use something like toothpicks to prop up your styrofoam balls.

If you don’t know how to cut mirror, this is not the post that’s going to teach you. This youtube video is a pretty good tutorial from what a skimmed through.  It doesn’t entirely apply cutting mirror like this, since it was pretty thick and didn’t snap apart as easily.

However, I will show you pictures of me cutting glass!  Oh, the excitement!  This mirror is pretty thick, and its hard to break up small pieces.  It went a LOT easier when I bought a second nipper (that pliers thing to hold the glass while breaking it).

After all that cutting into strips and then into squares, its hot glue time!  I started with a ring around a ball, then filled it in.  When you get to the pole (if you think of your original rim as the equator) it gets to be something of a jigsaw puzzle.  Not all pieces have been cut exactly the same and the small size of the balls makes the curve quite pronounced.  If I had prefect and smaller mirror bits or much larger balls, this wouldn’t be as tricky.  Still I dug through my pieces of mirror to find the best fit (without agonizing).

I very much like having the two different sizes.  I think they will look lovely on tables to catch the light.  They’ve been looking great in this silver bowl on my kitchen table.  When I don’t need them as “set decor” I’ll probably shove some wire in them, seal the spot with more hot glue, and hang them as xmas ornaments or give them away.


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