My Stash and my Fantastic Cardboard Tea Shelf!

I love drinking tea.  I drink tea all day and have a pretty large variety to choose from.  Sometimes I want my Moroccan Mint by Stash, sometimes I can’t get enough Earl Grey.  The Earl Grey in the bulk section at Oliver’s is great, a real kick in the teeth.

To accommodate my habit, I needed to expand into new cabinet territory.  I recently cleaned out the grimy cabinet above the stove and microwave.  Amazing how greasy that gets!  But the little narrow cabinet next to it just wasn’t cutting it.  Inevitably, I wanted whatever tea was in the very back behind all of the other teas.  So the teas migrated into an otherwise unused cabinet, leaving it nice and roomy for the different jars of local honey, hot cocoa and peppermint extract, and my French press.

Still, this was not enough room.  So I got creative.  Behold my magnificent cardboard shelf!

I am so pleased.  Now I can see all of my tea at once and reach it easily.  My reused tea tins with paper sticky labels are also nice.  Having tea in little baggies isn’t good for storing and freshness.  I find I don’t drink them as often because I don’t want to open them and re-rubberband them or whatever.

I love my tea time rituals (which usually starts with me managing to clean the entire kitchen while the kettle comes to a rolling boil).

What do you love to drink?  Is there some simple little adjustment you could make to your kitchen or other workspace to make it easier to use?  More lighting or another shelf?


3 thoughts on “My Stash and my Fantastic Cardboard Tea Shelf!

  1. LKD

    Impressive stash! My boyfriend loves tea and we have a cupboard stuffed with it! I am nearly all about the coffee and so I rarely use our hand-painted tea pot. I do have a purple tea-pot for pennies somewhere,

    This post makes me want a cup of tea, thank you!


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