My Cats, I’m a Little Obessed

I’ve gone too long without talking about my cats here.  They are such an important part of my life.  Jacques and Milo keep me company, make me smile, and give me someone to talk to during the day when Alex is at work.

I’ve had Jacques as officially my cat since October 2007, when he was about three.  I had been volunteering for Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County as a “Foster Parent”.  I would take cats into my house that had been in the wild or on the streets and help get them comfortable in a home, while accessing their personality to see what kind of home they might prefer, i.e. Kids, no kids, solitary, lap cat, playful, any quirks like meowing really loudly, whatever.  Jacques L’amour needed to get out of the shelter to have a biopsy done on his kidney.  The shelter had a cold going around and it wouldn’t do to have a cat having minor surgery be or get sick.  So I kept him before his biopsy.  He indeed had a cyst on his kidney.  I moved to from Rohnert Park to Santa Rosa, then took Jacques in again so he could get ready for his surgery to have the cyst removed.  They had to take out a whole kidney, the cyst was so huge!  He mostly slept in my closet while healing, eventually coming out to watch “Smallville” with me occasionally.  Jacques and I absolutely fell in love.  He is so affectionate, calm, and handsome.  Jacques just wants to be in the room with me and watch what I’m doing.  We could not be separated at that point, so I adopted him.  Sadly, Jacques is a jealous cat and didn’t like it when I brought other cats home from Forgotten Felines, so I stopped volunteering for them.

Fast forward years later to August 2011.  Alex and I are married.  All of our friends are ripe with babies.  I totally want a baby with Alex, but not right this minute.  We were at Bed Bath and Beyond exchanging some wedding presents with our friend Noel.  I say, “Let’s go look at the kittens at Petco!”  (Petco has rescue kittens for adoption).  Everyone loves kittens, so we go.  There are three cutie kittens and another woman who is picking one to adopt.  This means the kittens are coming out of the cage and we can hold them.  Before Milo comes out, Alex sticks his finger in to pet him.  Milo nibbles him.  It is love.  When Milo is out, he immediately climbs to the shoulders of whoever is trying to snuggle him.  More love.  Milo sits on top of Alex’s head.  Freakin’ adorable.  He must be ours.  The other lady wasn’t interested in Milo, anyways.  The adoption lady assures Alex that if Jacques HATES Milo, we can return him.  Alex is very worried Jacques will eat Milo.  Noel approves of a new kitten, which is important, since she watches Jacques when we are out of town.

Jacques does not approve of Milo.  But after about a week of slow introductions, Jacques tolerated Milo.  This was going to work!

Since then, Milo has eaten like a pig and gotten huge.  Jacques and Milo romp together and wrestle.  They sometimes groom each other and sleep on the bed together.  I think Jacques really likes having a little buddy, even if Milo can be the dumbest kitten in the world.  Milo certainly loves Jacques.

How did you get your pets?  Do you want pets?

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