So Many Lovely Things to Show & Tell You

I guess life decided to balance out my sock woes.

I made a REPEAT customer!  Jadie Kitty was my first customer and is now my first repeat.  I was happy to finally get a custom order black velvet flower hair clip together for her.  Isn’t it lovely?

Then, I got a comment from Megan at Megan’s Creative Blog that she had awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award.  It is also lovely and now living in my sidebar.  From what I can find on the internet, it is not a particularly serious award, but hey, it means at least Megan really likes my blog.  I’m also excited because my purple barrette that I ordered from her has been shipped!

And in case all THAT wasn’t enough, I got a message from Sarah, a Sonoma County artist, that she had included a piece of my work in her Sonoma County Artists Treasury.  My favorite piece in there (besides mine, of course) would have to be this fabulous jewelry holder.

To top it of, the librarian said I look cute today!  How’s your day?  What would make your day?  Anything I can do for you?


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