Craft Space Adjustment

Today I finally took the time to make a big room shift in my craft room.  I’ve been taking photos on top of a dresser, but that dresser wasn’t next to the window.  It was near, but stuck in the darker corner.  And if you’ve paid any attention to the myriad of online photo tips available, the first one is usually to have nice, natural light.  The window in my craft room faces East, but I get great morning light and pretty good light until sunset.

It isn’t a huge, life altering move, but switching my husband’s comfy orange chair with the dresser and taking down the wobbly orange shelf that was now going to be in the way is going to make a big difference for my photography.

Yes, I will still be inclined to put stuff on top of the dresser and have to move it for photo shoots, but such is life.  I’m spoiled to have a whole room for crafting, but I still need more storage.  (Or I need to stop collecting things like huge bags of corks, fake leaves, poker chips, popsicle sticks, frames, and empty peanut butter jars… HA!  Yeah right!)

Here is my craft room before, with the dresser in the right of the picture and too many supplies living on my table instead of work:

And now with more working space on my table and the chair in the corner.  Its very inviting to see when I walk in:


Is there something you need to suck up and just do to make your space better?  Moving something around, putting up a cork board for ideas (the original Pinterest), buying more containers or shelves?  I’d love to have a better, bigger sewing box.  Mine is currently a small tool box and that just doesn’t fit everything neatly. More shelving is next on the list, though.  I guess I have to make and sell a bunch more stuff to go shopping.


7 thoughts on “Craft Space Adjustment

    1. madamesaslow Post author

      Sometimes I refer to it as my “Craft Womb” its so pink. I was going for pinky orange, kind of coral, but I love the pink it turned out. It is not a pink for sissies.

    1. madamesaslow Post author

      Windows are lovely! Even if you are sideways next to the window if not directly under it that can be nice. My husband’s desk gets that spot in the office, since I have a whole craft room to myself.

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