More Shelving and Actually Working on Art!

I got more shelving today!  *Does the storage dance*

My awesome friend Jules from Friedman’s offered me shelves that she isn’t using any more maybe two months ago.  Well, today I got off my keyster and got them.  They disassemble to fit in the back of my car and everything!

If you’ve been reading along, you will have seen the recent arrangement of my craft room.  The new to me shelves will be going behind Alex’s orange chair.

No, you can’t see the shelves yet.  That would assume I’ve put them together today.  I had much more important things to do…. like…. look at recipes and shred old papers…. Well, that doesn’t sound too exciting now that I’m looking back on it, but it was terribly important at the time.

I DID do some actual art today.  I’m working on my Salvation Army  “Transformed Treasures Auction” mask.  I have to let the paint dry before I do anything else, though. And no, you don’t get to see that either.

You really, really want to see it?  It isn’t done yet.  I need to rub black paint all over it with a sock and hang beads on it still.  You sure?  Okay.  Here it is.  I just can’t say no to you.

And here are the beads I’ve picked out for it.


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