Life Blog Vs. Art Life Blog

As you may know, I have another blog I contribute to called  Three Chicks Talking About Food.  Two other friends contribute, as well as the occasional guest post from a friend without a food blog that really, really wants to share a recipe.  I’ve written about great food I’ve made (or want to make), my personal eating theory, and great food I’ve eaten at a restaurant or a friend’s house.

This blog is “a place of inspiration, encouragement, and adventure where one artist is forging her way in the business world” according to my About page.

My query is, do I merge my writing and have it be in one blog?  Make this blog not just a “my life as it relates to art” blog, but a “my life” blog.  I do really love food and cooking, enough to write about it on a regular basis.  Will it be harder for foodies to find my food posts if they aren’t in a food blog?  Will artsy people be less interested in this blog if I write about food half the time?  Or will it create a stronger, more complete picture of me to include more of my personal passions here?

A lot of other blogs that I read have posts on a regular schedule of things like “cute outfits they wore”.  These aren’t fashion blogs, but blogs by artists.  I don’t know that I would give you fashion plate pictures, but I do have this really comfy cute new cabled sweater vest in camel/beige/taupe with copper sparkly bits in the yarn and I wear it over EVERYTHING right now.  Anyways….

I ask you, dear reader, what do you suggest?  Do I merge my writing into one fabulous world of Adriann?  Will that be too “Mom Blog” without any kids (besides my cats) to write about?  (There are a LOT of Mom life blogs out there.  They are kind of a guilty pleasure for me).

You can probably tell, I’m torn.  I’d say 40% of me thinks I should combine my writing efforts.  Its all me.  But I get to write regardless.  Do you want to read it all in one place?  Are you happy reading different content separately?  Did you have no idea I had a food blog?

So many questions!

This picture by Luana 1985 is beautiful.  I was searching for an image of thought, puzzlement, and “To Be or Not to Be” brought it up in Google Images.  I really like how the mannequin is looking at me.


2 thoughts on “Life Blog Vs. Art Life Blog

    1. Adriann Saslow

      That’s what my mom was saying, too. This post has made me laugh. I’ve gotten 3 or 4 new subscribers (that I haven’t met before) and they “Liked” the post, but you’re the first to comment and tell me what you think.


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