A Real, Live, Brick and Mortar Store Has My Art!

Saturday I had a luscious afternoon with my dear friend Kat.  In the process of wandering downtown to delicious Puerto Rican food at El Coqui (you really must try the Canoa con Carne de Molida) when we walked past a super cute shop.  “We have to come back here after lunch!”  What can I say, we were hungry.

So, after lunch we walked back down Fifth Street in Santa Rosa to The Share Exchange.

What a fantastic shop!  Kat and I were dazzled by all of the great stuff.  I bought us pretty little origami crane earrings (Milo ate one of mine that night, so I need a new pair), my husband “bought” me a gorgeous necklace for Valentine’s Day (I called him first to see if I could have it, that’s legit, right?), Kat bought me some flavorful wild sage honey & a necklace for herself, and as we were trying to leave, I saw that they sold tickets to The Imaginist’s upcoming production of “The Wizard of Oz”.  Alex is listening to “Wicked” during his commute and said he wanted to revisit the original story, so I had to go back in to buy tickets.

The best part… all of this is made by local artists and artisans!  A gallery of goodies that is all locally made fabulousness!  I can’t tell you how over the moon ecstatic I am.  I was gushing to the shop owner, Kelley, and she mentioned she just signed up her 240th artist.  I, of course, asked her how I could become her 241st.  I got the application and promised to return this week with something wonderful.

(Here’s a quick peak at the cuteness of the store, sadly, this cell phone camera doesn’t do it justice)

So today I boogied on back with fabulous yarn covered treasures.  Kelley seemed really pleased and was hanging my pink wreath in the window as I was leaving!  This is the first gallery I’ve been in and I’m just giddy.  Even if it wasn’t selling my work, I’d tell you all to go visit.  If you don’t live in/near Sonoma County, do you have a cool local shop for art?

Check out the facebook pages for the Made Local Marketplace and The Share Exchange for more photos and info.


7 thoughts on “A Real, Live, Brick and Mortar Store Has My Art!

      1. MegansBeadedDesigns

        I don’t at the moment, but I have before. Sadly, several of the art galleries I was selling in went out of business when the economy got bad… so I’ve been frightened form it for the time being. I’ve been meaning to approach some local stores to give it another go though. It’s exciting!

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