Before Pictures

Wednesday I dropped off my Transformed Treasures Auction donations at the Salvation Army.  So, of course, I had to go shopping to see if there was anything good.

I hit the jackpot!  I’m so excited that I took “before” pictures of all the great stuff I found.  I already have some very specific ideas of what I’m going to do to some of it.  The mirror, especially.  I just love that shape, funny rounded oval rectangle.  Its going to go from “scratched up wood finish” to “AMAZING”.  I know one of my previous customers was interested in more shelving pieces, so I couldn’t pass on picking up the long black divided one and certainly not the super cool, kind of folklorico looking one with doors.  I might keep that one for my downstairs bathroom.  I’m bad, I know.  Isn’t the yellow lining on that little jewelry box great?  Its going to look supreme with something fabulous on the outside like cobalt blue.

You don’t get to see the near perfect leather bomber jacket I picked up for a friend.  Its in a creamy mustard yellow, so her color.  I’ll get pictures of that later.

So, without further ado, here are the beauties I can’t wait to play with!

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