Strange Hippie Girl Phase

I’m going through a strange hippie girl phase.  It may not be a phase, though, the things I’m doing are easily incorporated into my life, bit by bit.  I always have been a bit of a hippie, especially when I was a hard core feminist at the age of 10.  I wore my long blonde hair parted in the middle with a hippie headband and wanted to be a football player because women are just as capable as men.

This gorgeous image is courtesy of Deb Kirkeeide

Anyways… I’ve been making a lot of small changes in my house.  Some are to help save money and some are to help save the environment and some are to be healthier.  Its interesting how often those can overlap.  I’ve considered things like making my own ketchup to not have high fructose corn syrup, making my own yogurt, and I want to make my own laundry detergent and dish washer detergent just as soon as I’m low on the Costco amounts I purchased.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Started a compost tub

Using cloth napkins instead of paper

Using cleaning towels and dish towels instead of paper towels

Running the washing machine on “Light” and cold/cold

Using vinegar instead of jet dry (what can’t vinegar do?)

Running the dishwasher on “fast” (an hour cycle instead of 2 plus)

Making my own rice milk for my husband (cheaper and I don’t have to throw away the cartons)

Put used plastic containers filled with water in my toilet tanks to keep them from flushing so much water

Using a “Mr. Steamy” (a rubber ball with foam core that I add 2 oz of water to) instead of buying more dryer sheets.  I am still using up my dryer sheets, but I’ve also cut them into 4 sheets per 1. AND to add to my Mr. Steamy, I’ve made a sachet of dried lavender to add to the dryer for that lovely smell.

I’m baking 90 % of my own bread

I buy local when I can, organic when I can.  I love me some Hicks Valley Grass Fed Beef and Rosie the Range Chicken

Check out those awesome links for the resources that keep me inspired.

Don’t worry, I still LOVE hot showers.  I don’t take long ones, but I’m not a smelly hippie.


6 thoughts on “Strange Hippie Girl Phase

    1. madamesaslow Post author

      Rice milk is non-dairy drink for Alex. I make it by blending cooked brown rice with water, honey, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Then I squish it through cheese cloth. It makes tasty beverage for cereal, smoothies, ovaltine, etc. It does NOT taste like milk, but it is pleasant, white colored, and tasty.

  1. Eric Frank

    As long as you take a shower, wash you hair, wear deodorant, and don’t use patchouli as a perfume no one will mind. You’re just a very crafty person wanting to save some money by making it yourself. I don’t know if hippie is the right descriptor, but it make a great headline.

    1. madamesaslow Post author

      Deodorant yes, antiperspirant no. 😉
      Especially since I wore from home and have the luxury of pjs all day, I make sure I shower and stay looking and feeling human. Keeps me alert and sharp.


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