It’s Working! It’s Working! *Cackle*

                                   Image from Film Forager  I love the movie Young Frankenstein.

It’s a strange feeling.  I go about my day.  I do what I do.  I make art.  I blog about it and other ramblings.  I take work to my new gallery  and list it on Etsy.  I do other social media things, like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and now Craft Juice and Craft Gawker.  I even manage to get out of the house sometimes.

Once in awhile, it hits me.  All the stuff I’m doing is really working.  I am a professional artist.  I have 32 subscribers to my blog (my mom now included… Hi Mom!).  Someone clicked on my Etsy link in my blog yesterday!  I’ve sold a few things recently.  Not a ton.  But interest is being generated.  I am carving a niche for myself in this glorious hand made market.  I love what I do, and other people seem to like it to.  That is such a validating, satisfying feeling.  Yes, I would still create art even if other people hated it.  It’s a release for me, a necessary form of expression.  But can you image what a bummer it would be to love cooking and have no one want to eat it?  Or to wonder if they were just being nice and feeding it to the dog when you weren’t looking?

I guess this means for all of my confidence and lack of caring what other people think, I really do care what you think.  It makes me smile to know you read my blog.  I LOVE getting comments, it makes this a conversation, a place of openness and connection, not just me rambling.

The feedback I’m getting is good, and its getting stronger and louder.  It is music to my ears.

Thank you all for helping me get here and to where I am going.


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