Not Wonder Woman

My creative juices have been lacking.  I should be gluing and painting things, and I just don’t want to.  I have projects in the works that need finishing, that I already know what I am going to do, but picking up the paint brush, going to Ace for the cup hooks, whatever, has been hard.  I have done some personal knitting, and that is nice.

I did have a glorious time gardening today.  Wonderful sunshine and fresh air.  I have such a hippie crush on my composter, and it hasn’t even started making lovely dirt yet.  My little kale plants are transplanted into a bigger, deeper pot.  I hope the snails are discouraged from climbing all that way to eat the tasty, tasty leaves.

Laundry is done.  Dishes are done.  My house is generally functioning.  But nothing amazing.  I haven’t even finished the first coat on my fabulous teal stairway, let alone started the second coat.

And you know what?  Oh well.  It will all happen in good time.  There are clean clothes to wear and dinner is on the table.  Sometimes that’s all we can ask of ourselves. I forgive myself for not being the crazy amazing Wonder Woman of productivity.

What can you forgive yourself?

This is not me right now.  But the image came from here.


8 thoughts on “Not Wonder Woman

  1. Jessica Lenth

    definitely have these days too, I think its a big part of not having a mandatory nine to five commitment. Head up you are always impressive to me!

    1. madamesaslow Post author

      I’m a little jealous of Dr. Brennan on the show Bones being Wonder Woman every year for Halloween. That’s pretty cool.
      I usually am a dynamo of action and productivity. It was strange feeling bad and guilty. Apologizing to myself actually helped, and I did some sewing last night.
      What superhero do you associate with, Megan?

  2. AuntTrisha

    You are amazing, but even super heros need time off. Try sprinkling baking soda around your pots. It should discourage the snails and is Milo safe.

    1. madamesaslow Post author

      I might try a little baking soda. I’m worried what happens when I water and it runs into the other planters. I don’t want to mess up the Ph balance of the soil. My dirt is already bad enough (so many rocks, screws, and other sharp things in mediocre soil).

  3. AuntTrisha

    It shouldn’t really affect the Ph balance, but if you’re worried about it get a testing kit. They sell them at Homedepot. You can also try planting marigolds and/or garlic. They are supposed to be natural snail repellents and I think they
    help because I don’t have a big snail problem anymore. I plant the mariglods
    in the flower beds in front of the house and the garlic in the backyard gardens. That way I can dig up some of the garlic for cooking.


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