So Much Hot Pink!

It’s wonderful what forgiving myself for not being Wonder Woman did.  It helped turn me back into my regular Wonder Woman self.  I’ve been crafting away since then!  I’ve constructed a super secret surprise craft project that I dare not tell you about, because people read this and it would ruin the surprise for Sunday.  Don’t worry, I’ll post the pictures of my creation next week, hopefully along with reaction pictures.

I’ve sewn about 300 (or so it feels like) little HOT PINK flannel squares to replace cotton balls, etc for tasks like removing make up and nail polish.  I even made my own make up remover inspired by “One Good Thing” by Jillee.  I really like that blog.  It has lots of recipes for things people usually spend lots of money on.

While I was sewing, I whipped up three snazzy eye pillows with really soft fuzzy fabric.  I filled them with rice, rosemary, and lavender.  Decadent little things in HOT PINK.

I finished a very cool mirror.  (No pink was harmed in the making of this frame).

I’m working on a great jewelry rack.  I need to add more hooks and some fabulous gold paint pen doodles.  P.S.  The paper behind it is the most awesome wedding wrapping paper we got.  Thanks, Sadeghis!

I’m sewing yet again on some funny patchwork velvet pillows in teal, orange, purple, and, you guessed it, HOT PINK.  No, you don’t get a picture of my Frankenstein pillows yet.  Sewing curves that are supposed to lay flat is hard. But I got the fabric cheap at The Legacy Thrift Shop in Sebastopol (Check it out, it’s a craft thrift store!), so I don’t mind if I make some duds.  It’s part of learning and they’re for my living room anyways.

So, enough pink for ya?


3 thoughts on “So Much Hot Pink!

  1. Jessica Lenth

    That jewelry rack is awesome, I am trying to find a good solution for jewelry, you are renewing my motivation, thanks Adrian:)

    1. madamesaslow Post author

      It was going to be a spice rack. And then the other day my brain said, “NO! It shall be for jewelry!” and that’s how that went. This one is cool because it will hang earrings, necklaces, AND some bracelets. I have a great jewelry box for mostly earrings, some little plastic drawers for bracelets (I could use more room in those, come to think of it) and a wall hanging thing for necklaces. I have a LOT of jewelry.
      I have two more jewelry boxes in the making… I’m excited about them. But hanging necklaces are so good and easier to deal with. I love seeing my jewelry.
      This comment is turning into a post. Good bye.

  2. Lark

    The idea of a craft thrift store is so absolutely brilliant. Every crafter I know has that pile of the could have beens that should be donated to make room for new good stuff that will actually get used!


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