My First Craft Show (Learning) Experience

*UPDATE*  I just want to make sure everyone that helped make this happen and that went to this event knows I am not unhappy.  I didn’t have an expectation to sell anything, the crowd at the event is notoriously broke.  🙂  Gotta by some gaming books and they are already paying to be at the convention.  Sure, if I’d sold all of the work I sent, I’d probably be more jazzed, but it was still not bad.


My work has come back into my possession after it’s vacation to it’s first craft table event.  Huzzah!  I am very thankful to the people that helped make that happen.

Will I ever do that again?  No.

I’ll sit at a table and sell my work at an event, yes.  Will I send my work off without me?  No.

I was pretty nervous the whole time, wondering if the display would need tweaking, if things would get lost, whatever.  Nothing was lost, but a few things need re-gluing after the trip.  I am sure if I had been there somethings would STILL need re-gluing, but I’d have been the one to have damaged them.

I did sell one item!  Huzzah!  I didn’t have an expectation to sell anything, the crowd at the event is notoriously broke.  🙂  Gotta by some gaming books and they are already paying to be at the convention.

It was a great learning experience.  I know what makes for a janky, unattractive, flimsy display.  I know I don’t like letting my work go (though I’d be okay if a gallery wanted to hang on to it for a bit…. *wink*).  I know I need to work on my pricing so every venue can be consistent.  It’s no fun for someone to buy my work at an event that I had to raise my prices for (because of commission or entry fees) and then see my similar work in my Etsy shop for cheaper.

The good news is, I have a ton of new work I made for this event that I’ll now be listing in my Etsy shop, as well as reactivating the work I took out for it.  So my shop will be nice and fat with goodies soon.

This image ISN’T off my table, but I want a nice blue (or red!) awning for future serious craft tabling.  The article I found this photo in has some good info about being a successful seller at a flea market that can translate well to craft fairs.


3 thoughts on “My First Craft Show (Learning) Experience

  1. MegansBeadedDesigns

    Each experience is different. I noticed I don’t sell as well when I attend those craft fair in which you give your items to someone esle to sell. And yes, thing will come back broken. Some in the most bizzare way possible. (HOW did someone manage to rip that necklace THERE!?!)

    lol. So it goes.

    As for the outdoor tent, I use a red one. One the one hand it’s good because the bright red color (1) looks fabulous and (2) is easy to spot. The down-sides are (1) heat gets trapt inside and its awful during mid-july and (2) some dis-coloring occurs on the jewelry. I understand now why most crafters choose white. Oops.

    1. Adriann Saslow

      I hadn’t thought of the red or blue tent making the work underneath it a slightly different color… I guess I’ll stick with a white tent and embellish the heck out of it with swirls and fringe. Good tip!


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