See How My Garden Grows

Spring is at my house and in my garden, full force!  I’ve been planting tasty things to eat.  This is the first real yard of my own I’ve ever had.  When we first moved in, July 2010, I simply planted the bits from pots I already had and stuck in what my Mother in Law dug out of her yard for me.  It’s beautiful, lush, and jungly, but I want more tasty plants.

I have egg cartons turned into little seed beds to get things started.  I’ve got bush beans, cucumbers, and some spaghetti squash seeds in one; turnips and more bush beans in another.  I just started some peas, I’ll need to get little poles for those later.  Little pots hold yet more cucumber (it’s a good thing Alex and I both love cucumber!).  Outside I’ve got swiss card that’s been doing well for awhile, some spinach and basil that’s just starting, kale, my awesome herb pot with chives, rosemary, thyme, and oregano.  I just cut the thyme WAY back, you can see it hanging by lovely orange ribbon from my hanging baskets.

The very cool thing I’ve just set up is my filing cabinet turned planter.  That little patch of yard has hardly any dirt, maybe only 4 inches from the fence, so this has created so much more dirt square footage.  The file hanger from in the drawers are now a cage for the beans I’ll plant there from my seedlings.  Cucumbers can hang down from the second drawer and more beans can grow up from the bottom drawer.

I took so many pictures, I’ll let you browse through a slideshow at your leisure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 thoughts on “See How My Garden Grows

  1. redclayreport

    Hi Adriann,

    As one click led to another and then another, and more after that, I wound up on your site. Well done, I must say.

    I just moved to a new house and the yard is fairly bare (patches of grass and more dead spots (under the shade of trees). I have picked up a couple ideas, so thanks.

    Now, a question: would you mind sharing the coding for your slideshow? I’d very much like to be able to post photos like that.


    1. madamesaslow Post author

      I didn’t do any coding for it. It’s just an option that WordPress gave me. I can insert galleries, individual photos, or a slide show. I’m still figuring out how to do a bit of each…
      Let me know if you’d like me to try to walk you through where the slide show option is. I’ll help how I can.
      Glad you’re feeling inspired!


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