Wednesday Night Market

The Wednesday Night Market has started!  Though I haven’t vended at it yet, I’ve been coordinating other artists from the Made Local Marketplace to share booths for the summer.   In case you don’t know, the Wednesday Night Market happens down town Santa Rosa, focused on 4th Street.  It’s a farmers market on steroids.  There is a wine tasting garden, art for sale, political booths, hot food from local restaurants, and of course, produce. This happens every Wednesday night (except July 4th) between May and the end of August from 5pm to 8:30.

Coordinating has been interesting, using a survey that didn’t collect names, then wouldn’t let people retake it to add their names.  Coordinating an event I’ve never participated in is a lot of stumbling in the dark with my hands out.  People have been thankful to have an opportunity to be in the market at all, even if we don’t have the resources to get them as many spots as they’d like.  We’re doing three booths a night with two vendors per booth.  It’s a nice representation of work from the Made Local Marketplace and good exposure for the Share Exchange.  Maybe next year we’ll have 5 booths, but this year I’m at my mental limit.

The exciting part is a get to vend tomorrow!  My work and I will be at the Wednesday Night Market!  I’ll be across from Barnes & Noble, first set of booths from the corner.  I’ve been working for two weeks on my displays, hanging jewelry on them to see how they really work.  I’ve got my smart phone and Square so I can accept credit cards.  I have a receipt book, extra tags, little baggies, I’ll get change this afternoon.  I’ll need to wear lots of layers, it’s been colder in the evening, but setting up tables and canopies is hot work.  I’ll also be there June 6th, June 27th, August 1st, and August 29th.  You should come see me!

I still need to turn forks into sign holders.  I’ll post cute pictures of those when they happen.  I’m worried I don’t have enough jewelry, but it will be fine.  I think I’ll have my husband treat me to a burrito tomorrow during the market for my dinner.  Are there any tips you can give me for my first craft booth experience?

Here are pictures of last week’s vendors at the Made Local Marketplace booths.


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