My First Wednesday Night Market

Two weeks ago I vended at the Wednesday Night Market.  Huzzah!  It was my first time EVER (since I was about 5) sitting at a table trying to sell art I’d made.  I was nervous all day.  “How well I sell is NOT a reflection of my worth,” went through my head all day and I tried to believe it.  I knew some of the Made Local Marketplace artists had done really well and some hadn’t sold anything.

Here’s what my booth set up looked like, and the other booths from the Made Local Marketplace.

I accidentally left the fabric I was going to use with a friend.  So instead of burgundy satin I used black satin with burgundy burn out velvet (my old bedroom curtains) over it.  It looked okay, but I decided I needed a different table cloth next time.  Something brighter and able to tie everything together more.  This looks a bit mishmash to me.  The orange glazed almonds got attention, but not enough to be worth bringing again.

The canopies were unnecessary.  We haven’t put them up again.  We’ve got shade the whole time, including during set up.  Though the tables were close to the front of the canopies, I think people don’t want to “enter” the booth space.  It also made it pretty dark at the end.  The biggest problem… WIND!  It has been super windy.  Other group’s tents have flipped over.  Bags of chips were blowing down the street like tumble weeds.

The wind is probably a reason some people haven’t been doing as well.  Weather is a big factor in outdoor events like this.  Especially one that some one could say, “Naw, it’s too windy.  Let’s go next week.”  Since the Wednesday Night Market is all summer long, people have the luxury to go another night.  I think attendance will pick up with the weather.

Another artist at the Made Local Marketplace was kind enough to put my idea into action of the cute bunting.  Bunting is hot right now and the Share Exchange already has it around the awning of it’s building.  What a perfect visual tie in!  Except… the flags are too long to hang off the front of the canopies.  People that wanted to approach the tables had to duck.  No bueno.  Super cute, though.

In the end I’d call it a very successful night for me.  I sold two things, one of which was to a stranger!  (It’s exciting when people I don’t even know buy my work, not just the people that love me).  Speaking of love, I felt it from all the fabulous friends that came by my booth to say hello.  It really helped keep me relaxed and pass the evening.  I did end up really enjoying myself, even if it is a lot of work.  I also have to thank my husband for supporting me in this and bringing me a chai latte and a burrito.  I couldn’t do it without him.

Stay tuned for a much more timely review of the Wednesday Night Market I worked last night! 😉


2 thoughts on “My First Wednesday Night Market

  1. MegansBeadedDesigns

    I think your booth setup is super cute. I think any selling-in-person experience takes awhile to get the hang of. it only gets better and you can only get more comfortable doing it the more it happens!

    Good luck with future Wednesday markets!


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