My Second Wednesday Night Market

As promised, my review of my second Wednesday Night Market night.  And it isn’t even two weeks after the event like my last review!

Not using the canopies was great.  There was a lot more light and a feeling of accessibility.  The bunting looks really cute strung between two poles (from my huppa) behind the booths.  Eye catching, but not obtrusive.  I didn’t remember to get a good picture of it, so you’ll just have to see it in person for now.

My new table cloth is gorgeous!  I’m so pleased.  I’d bought 3 yards of the cloth, but decided I needed to double the width.  The morning of I ran out and got 3 more yards, washed it, and sewed them together.  Even did a pretty good job matching the pattern up.  Much brighter, welcoming, and cohesive in for my other display pieces.

The long cubby shelf I painted teal made a great riser.  Having two levels is so much more interesting to look at.  Even with displays of different height, having some up higher looked nice.  It also gave a clean background to my necklace display.  On top of that, it gave me a place to stash my equipment.  My cell phone and square, my invoice booklet, pens, bags, and tags I’d taken off of purchases.  My tall water bottle was even mostly hidden by it.  It kept the booth looking tidy and clean.

I sold a few things.  One necklace I sold in Spanish.  I was very proud.  He wanted to take me with him, too, but I told him mi esposo esta fuerte, grande, y guapo.  Grande is a bit of a stretch, but two out of three ain’t bad.  😉

Pad thai and peanut chicken made a delicious dinner, but too messy.  Hard to put down and pick up.  I guess I’ll stick to burritos and sandwich type food.  Compact and easy.

I’ll be working the market again on June 27th.  Until then, lots more making of jewelry and art.  I am also in the process of cutting all of my tags off and retying them on with nicer cord.  The LOOONG white string makes the tags fluttery and cluttery.  Maybe I’ll switch over to nice scrap book paper tags I cut out myself, but for now this is much better looking.

See you on the 27th!


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