Art vs. Biz Balance

It’s funny how I go through work cycles.

I’ll be really productive on the business side of things for awhile.  I’ll tweet, post to facebook, write great blog posts, make Etsy listings, track my receipts, etc.  I am a busines warrior!

Then, as it has been for the last few weeks, I’ll be making.  Making jewelry, making laundry soap, making labels for laundry soap, sewing work towels for home, sewing a new craft booth table cloth, spray painting shelves and buckets and anything that holds still long enough.

I seem to go through about two or weeks of one, then the other.  I FINALLY cleared my desk, and not just into an even bigger pile.  All those receipts from parking and the hardware store are entered and filed!  I might end up grating about 20 bars of soap today for my Sonoma Maid Laundry Soap.  I need to put away two loads of laundry.  I want to work in my craft room.  For all I’ve been busy making, I haven’t made much to show for it.

I’ll be out of town and blissfully NOT worrying about working too much.  Etsy Shop is on vacation mode.  Shift at the Made Local Marketplace is covered.  Fictitious Business Name Statement has been sent to the paper for publishing.  *Breathe*

I’m vending at the Wednesday Night Market again the week I get back, June 27th.

I think what I really need now is a nap.



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