My Work as a Seamstress

Madame Saslow is also a seamstress!  I’ve taken up work from the En Garde Fencing Academy.  Fencing safely requires a lot of gear, gloves, uniforms, underarmor, etc.  When those items get worn, fought in, and washed all the time, they end up needing some TLC.   I took a fencing class from Moniteur Jim at SSU, so I’ve worn the gear for fencing personally.

Image Copyright En Garde Fencing

I can only take a few pieces of gear at a time, since they are constantly being used.  Mostly it’s just the velcro closures on things that need replacing, but a few items need other pieces re-attached or patched.

This venture came about at a friend’s birthday party.  One of the guests, Joey, works for En Garde.  We were chatting and I mentioned my laundry soap.  It was decided that laundry soap and fencing were a match!  En Garde really does take better care of their equipment than a lot of places.  Jim and Joey are washing gear all the time.  They are excited to be supporting a local business person by buying my laundry soap, and that it’s a environmentally low impact product.

What all this means for me is that I am making my business work.  I have been putting out roots, making paths, and working.  It’s paying off.  Even when I am mending and making laundry soap, I’m MAKING something.  I’m creating, crafting, doing.  I work my own hours, I’m my own boss, and I’m making it happen.  That is so satisfying.

Thank you, En Garde!


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