Madame Saslow is a Gardener

I worked in my front yard!  This is taboo, according to my HOA, but I WILL NOT have ivy growing under my siding!

In my fantasy world where I am fully allowed to do what I want in the front I’d rip out all the ivy.  I’d put a super comfy “morning reading with a cup of tea” chair and side table to the left of the front door.  It gets great sun in the morning and would be delightful to sit there.  But, that would be a bit TOO obvious under the HOA circumstances.

So, I am content with my bit of ripped out ivy and newly added chocolate mint, provincial lavender, and peppermint.  I figure the mint will grow like a weed, leaving little room for any ivy I can’t purge from filling in.  I plan on using the mint in ice cream, sorbet, iced tea, and whatever else strikes my fancy.  The lavender is for upcoming local wool dryer balls to compliment my line of “Sonoma Maid” cleaning products.  Right now it’s just the Laundry Soap.  After local lavender and wool dryer balls I’ll be making “Sonoma County White Wine Vinegar”.  Super excited!

Back to gardening… the lavender will also attract happy insects like bees and butterflies.  I plan on ripping out more ivy from my front yard every week as my little trash can can accommodate it.  In will go more mint and lavender.  I need to research some more good herbs for spreading out, looking good, and tasting good.  Something low maintenance/low water.  There is a drip system, but it seems to do very little.   That dirt is crappy and hard, much like the dirt in my back yard was when we moved in.


Any suggestions on good plants for the front?  Any fabulous foodie thing you are growing?


9 thoughts on “Madame Saslow is a Gardener

  1. PickyVeggieMom

    If I didn’t have to worry about my dogs lifting their legs on everything, I would have cilantro, basil, and oregano in my dream herb garden. I planted orange mint recently, in hopes that it will mingle with my grass so when I step on it or when I mow, I will get to smell the yummy scent.

    1. madamesaslow Post author

      Cilantro and I don’t get along… basil does well in only one particular pot in my back yard that I’ve found. Oregano is good. Orange mint sounds delicious! I’ll have to look for that to plant.

  2. kathryningrid

    I’ve found common thyme (and several of its cousins) to be among the toughest and most reliable border plants. It has that tiny flower, so it’s no great show-off, but it’s one of my favorite herbs and as a woody plant, can even be shaped a little bonsai-like if you want to go that far. Meanwhile, a nice, shrubby filler plant, particularly when grown from seed. Cheap that way, too! 🙂 I adore rosemary as well for the same characteristics, but of course many of the varieties are very different sizes and proportions. Rosemary *does* have beautiful blooms, especially the bluer varieties, and it’s truly hard to beat for fragrance, bee and butterfly attracting, and structure. IF your climate will support it and IF it’s in a spot that makes it happy. Sometimes hard to establish, but once it’s contented, look out!

  3. AuntTrisha

    Majoram is “invasive” like mint with little pink flowers on stems that grow about 18″ tall. Cloves of garlic grow well, and can be cut like chives. If you let them flower, they have white “puff ball” like flowers and will re-seed themselves.

      1. Jessica Lenth

        We let our garlic and onions re-seed every year and its wonderful. Plus the balls look very cool as aunt Trisha said. Good luck!

  4. Melissa

    I love lavender, you can get different varieties so you have it blooming at different times. I couldn’t kill my oregano or mint if I tried!

  5. Kathryn Stovall Dennis

    Looking good. Currently ripping out all grass in my front yard with the help of our son and Adriann’s brother Denny. I want to put out a patio table, a mixed planter of succulents and veges. An unstructured garden with NO MORE GRASS!


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