Not Neglected

I may have been neglecting my blog here, but for good reason.  I’ve been working on my etsy shop and my WEBPAGE!  That’s right, I now have a webpage.  I’ve got my own domain name and am using Weebly to built it.  It even has a link to this blog.  Crazy, I know.  You could click that link back there, go to the webpage, then click the link THERE to come HERE!  Eventually (when I figure out how) I’ll be moving my blog there.  I’ll probably always keep my etsy shop, but I plan on also having a shop section on my webpage.  Customers would be able to purchase directly from me, not me via etsy.  Though like I said I’ve been working on my etsy shop, foto fuzing all over the place, adding new jewelry, rearranging the shop, even taking better photos for some necklaces that have been there for awhile.  It’s looking great, you should check it out.

I’ll be back in the blog habit soon enough.  I miss all of you out there in internet land!




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