Attaching Bits to Things

I was discussing with my friend Melissa (check out her blog, Forgotten Skills) my love of gluing bits to things.  Her husband didn’t have a clue as to what I meant.

It isn’t just gluing, per say, but attaching in any way.  Be it with glue (E- 600, two part Epoxy, or Hot Glue), my trusty Staple Gun, or some sort of string (yarn, monofilament, thread, whatever).

These methods of attachment cover a multitude of craft projects.

Recent examples are:

Reupholstering a previously VERY ugly little chair thing.  (with Staples)


Gluing Dominoes to a shallow box. (Two part epoxy)


I will be painting the inside of some now red drawers gold, but the application of paint isn’t really attaching.  It falls into the whole other category of “If it holds still long enough, I will paint it”.

Recent examples of this are:

The same said ugly chair thing getting it’s nasty brass self sprayed glossy black.

The previously mentioned drawers being sprayed red.  When they were blonde wood they looked too country charming with the heart cut outs.  Now they are going to be boudoir fabulous in red with gold and who knows what else I add to them.


Now, Melissa and I also like to discuss the merits of “Zombie Apocalypse Crafting”.  Scrap booking is NOT a Zombie Apocalypse Craft.  Making jam and canning is.  I like to think reupholstering is, because you can get more use out of a good piece of furniture.  I admit, spray painting a little cubbie of drawers isn’t a ZAC, but it does make me happy and make use of something that I otherwise didn’t want.

Do you like to attach bits to things?  Do you have a useful Z.A.C. (or a non-useful craft confession?)


5 thoughts on “Attaching Bits to Things

  1. Melissa

    Yeah Glueing Bits to Things! Thanks for the shout out 🙂
    Today’s ZAC project: working on the next mitten of leftover yard bits

    I think repurposing things totally fits in to the ZA because its important to know how to reuse things to their fullest potential. And good aim with spray paint could be helpful in protecting yourself. Like glorified pepper spray. Not sure it would apply to Zombies, but you never know!

  2. Kathryn Stovall Dennis

    What exactly is ZAC? Sounds like what I have probably been doing my entire life. I love re-purposing, re-painting, re-loving, re-discovering, re-cycling, re-using and re-creating new and wonderful things to surround my life.


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