Project FAIL

Yep, I’m abandoning a project.  A project I thought was going to be awesome.  I have a huge box of bottle caps.  I have a new drill bit for hardened steel.  However, this


is NOT getting made.
“Why not?  It’s super cute and upcycled!  Adriann, you LOVE upcycling AND your drill,” you innocently protest.

OMG.  Drilling those holes was going to take forever.  Maybe my drill isn’t powerful enough.  Maybe I just wasn’t holding it at a good angle.  Whatever it was, I wasn’t prepared to spend the countless hours making that.

I don’t love beer.  Used bottle caps are cool.  I admit, I am a bit snobby about things made from new bottle caps.  That’s cheating!  You have to drink (or know someone that does) for your craft.  So, I don’t love this bottle cap wind chime enough to make it for just  myself.  Unlike knitting socks, which is a soothing, portable craft that makes super comfy socks.

It sell it and make back money for my time, I’d have to charge more than a sane person would spend on a bottle cap wind chime.

The other problem, I was destined to stab myself with that nice new hardened drill bit (probably more than one).  And though it is pretty small, I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice my dexterity and digital mobility to this project when I have other things I can be doing.   I bleed enough for fencing mending.

What have you abandoned recently?  What should you give up, but just haven’t yet?

I wish more people wanting to sell hand made goods would consider this before trying to sell their work.  I don’t sell hand knit socks.  I’d have to charge $100 a pair for the time and nice yarn it takes.  This is not a good business plan.  Ask yourself if the time and materials required to make the item too expensive to sell and make a profit.


4 thoughts on “Project FAIL

  1. Trina Lyn (@trina_is_artsy)

    Aw, it’s a shame to give up on this project! I am in the process of making another one of these myself. I am lucky enough to have a family member that helps me with all the cap hole drilling, so I can’t give any direct experience. However, I do know that he holds the drill at a straight 90 degree angle to the bottle caps, and he drilled them with the bottle cap’s front facing up instead of flat against the table because he says that’s easier somehow. Maybe you should consider coming back to this project one day. Definitely re-examine how you’re puncturing the caps if you do, I think that may have been the source of your problems 🙂

    You make a good point about investing in projects that take a lot of time, because people just aren’t buying big ticket art items anymore. I reckon that you have to come to a middle ground where you are working enough to make something of high quality while still being able to make a profit. These wind chimes are extremely popular right now, so in my opinion that adds some value back to the piece. It may not be a high paying artwork, but it would definitely get some attention!

    BTW thanks for the link to my tutorial, always appreciated

  2. melissa

    “this is not a good business plan”. 🙂

    I thought about the look on SCORE or SBDC’s face if you were to walk in to one of their meetings saying “I make wind chimes from bottlecaps”


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