Life on the Yucca Farm

Here’s a snap shot of my house right now, plus some before and progress shots.  Working on a different computer type than I’m used to, I don’t get to move the photos into the order I wanted.

Master Bedroom progress:


Kitchen before:

McKBefore Kitchen now:McKCabinetsMaster bedroom progress:

McKCeilingDriveway now:McKDriveway Front Yard now:McKElephantHallway now:
McKHallCurrent Heap in the Studio:
McKHeapofStuff Front Yard Now:McKHome Kitchen Progress with Judith:McKJudith Kitchen Now:McKKitchen Kitchen Progress:McKKitchenBefore Backyard Now:McKLatticeStructure Laundry Room Now:McKLaundry Laundry Room Floor Progress:McKLaundryFloor Livingroom Progress:McKLayers Living room progress with Melissa:McKLivingroombefore Living room now:McKLivingroom
Master bedroom now:McKMaster Master bedroom progress with Alex:McKMasterpaint Living room progress with Alex, Judith and Richard:McKMcSaslows Living room progress with Melissa and Stella:McKMelissa Milo!  King of the Heap!McKMilo Master bedroom progress:McKMud Office now:McKOffice Master bedroom progress with Sarah:McKSarahBack yard now:
McKTree Living room progress:McKTrim Backyard now:McKYard Yucca now:McKYuccaBlossoms Backyard now:McMcKPottedPlants  As you can tell, I didn’t stage or pretty up any of these photos.


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