About the Blog and Me

This blog is a place of inspiration, encouragement, and adventure where one artist is forging her way in the world, whatever direction of the world that may be.  It is a place where dreamers can dream with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground and like-minded dreamers around them.  It is for support, togetherness, conversation, friends.  It is for our challenges and our triumphs.  It is to enjoy the journey.

Oh, wait, this section is about ME, not just my blog?  I can do that.  My name is Adriann.  I live in a little house that gets more colorful by the day with my amazing high school science teacher, bass playing, bass singing, story writing, swoonably handsome husband, Alex.  My also handsome cat Jacques L’amour mostly puts of with our silly, not too bright kitten, Milo.  I love being home and domestic.  I will be posting about delicious things I make, as well as art I make.  Our tiny yard is lush and green and has some good herbs to add to whatever I’m cooking.  It gets more and more edible things as I evolve.  Tasty plants are more and more appealing.  We’ll see if the carrots and broccoli I planted ever realize their purposes…

I’ve worked a number of jobs.  I’ve liked a number of them.  I went to college for a BA in Theater, and I got it, but I don’t want to make a living doing it.  I like being my own boss.  I’ve always has the idea of owning a little shop rattling around in my head, probably since I was 13 and in love with a little used book store, The Village Book Exchange.  Working there for over three years while in high school didn’t diminish my love at all.  The idea has had a few iterations, always sounding like some combo of book store/cafe/art gallery.

Art is always something I’ve done.  Artsy, crafty, hands on, building, major home remodel type stuff is what I grew up with. My dad, Marvin, has a cabinet shop and my mom, Kathryn, is an artist, making stained glass windows, ceramics, mosaics, and everything else.  I’ve been in a lot of cool houses and seen a lot of beautiful things through my parents’ crafts.

There is something really beautiful to me about an old object being given new life in unexpected ways.  I’ll leave it to someone else to restore a piece to its original glory. I want to paint it red and copper and put fringe on it!  Woo!  My decorating style has been described as “bordello chic”.  Some day I will own an animal print fainting couch to complete that look.   Until then, I will keep writing this blog at my big oak desk with my kitten, Milo, purring on my shoulder and my cat, Jacques, in the window.


4 thoughts on “About the Blog and Me

  1. Sarah Mones Friedman

    Thank you for writing a post about your treasury festuring my purse. I got some views from your site & am dropping by to say ‘hello’.

    All best, Sarah
    P.S. I looked for 3 years for a fainting couch/chaise of my own & finally bought one off a guy on Craigslist. Oddly enough, it looks exactly like the one in your picture but with a 60’s light green, brain coral type fabric 😉 Even more that you and I have in common.

  2. T.D. Nicholls

    Hello, I just wanted to say I enjoy reading your posts :), and I hope you don’t mind but I’ve nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award. By the way, if you are unfamiliar with the awards thing here at WordPress, you can drop me a note if you like.


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