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Screen Printing!

I had a great time the other day learning to screen print with Chelsea of Chelsea McKenna Design.  Of course, I am out of the habit of blogging and didn’t think to take more pictures.  Here’s a super cute one of Chelsea, however.

Chelsea MLM Logo

We in the shop loved how darling she happened to look with her chevron dress, red apron, and the red logo on the crate.

I now need about 20 more crates for the Made Local Marketplace to put logos on.  Not just for my enjoyment, but for the cool displays they make.  It’s style and branding people!


Hmm… I betcha MY logo would be an awesome silk screen.  What could I print it on?  Tank top?  My car (It would have to be a really flat spot)?  A banner for future booth events?  Those would all be different size needs.

I’d wear my sexy logo on a tank top.  Red tank with black logo or a black tank with a red logo.


Have you played around with screen printing?  Any tips for a newbie?


Store Manager!

Suzi and Adriann

Suzi and me in front of the moved counter!

I have totally neglected to tell my blog that I’m the store manager at the Made Local Marketplace!  Woot!  I was promoted just after the beginning of October, actually.  It’s been wonderful.  My talents and skills are hugely appreciated there.  Now that I’m manager and not just some woman that spends too much time there, I have the “authority” to make big changes.  I’ve moved the whole front counter, which has been great for store flow and not having a bottleneck, as well as having usable counter space behind the front desk.  I get to work with artists that need to do something a little different  to make their work more sell-able.  I’ve been working through the waiting list for new vendors.  I have a desk of my own with a computer!  It’s hard to get everything done that I need to do while working the register.  Being able to go upstairs to write emails, make phone calls, whatever is great.

It is a lot of work.  A lot of brain juggling, a lot of different directions all at once.  Balancing the everyday shop functioning details with VISION.  (Some people say moving the counter was Vision, I just think it’s good.)

Making time for my own business too is hard, but important.  I haven’t been adding new items to Etsy as often, but I did just have a few sales I mailed out.  To sell at the shop I’ve been making Quick Bread Mix, Minty Cocoa Mix, and I am working on a Spicy Cocoa Mix.  Laundry soap is still chugging away, though not as popular for an xmas gift..  Lynn, Ashley, and I are trying to get out “The Creative Collection” jewelry brochure we had made by the awesome graphic designer Chelsea McKenna.

Needless to say, there is a lot going on in my world professionally.  What’s going on with you?  Are you enjoying your work?

Makers’ Saturday- *SWAP* *MAKE* *EAT*

I’m really excited about an event I’ve helped put together, Maker Saturday! It’s happening tomorrow at the Share Exchange.  We’re having a pot luck brunch, a swap of extra craft supplies, and a good time!  I think this is a great opportunity to meet the other local artists.

Saturday, April 28, 2012
$5 – Space Use Contribution

Makers! Come out to the Share Exchange Saturday April 28th for our *Swap*Make*Eat* event
1. *SWAP* We’re having a splendid Supply Swap! So gather up your cast offs and watch other artists delight in your unwanted treasures. Maybe you’ll discover some new treasures of your own. You know those leftover art & craft supplies you have? Bring ’em!
2. *MAKE* Sit with your new finds or your go-to project and make something superb. Hang out with the other Makers and make friends.
3. *EAT* Bring some potluck brunch to share! Save the environment, bring your own plate, cup, and silverware.
See you there!

I’m also really looking forward to making (and eating!) this French Toast Bake.  Doesn’t that look amazing?  I’m adding crumbles of breakfast sausage to mine.  Yum!

Proud of What I Do: Made Local Marketplace

I am really proud of what I do.  Proud to tell people I’m an artist when they ask what I do.  I’m equally proud and excited to be volunteering a shift at the Share Exchange where my work is for sale in the Made Local Marketplace.  My Friday morning shift isn’t a lot, but I am happy to contribute to this venture that’s here to support and grow the local economy of Sonoma County.  I love meeting the other makers that come in to fuss with their work and check on things.  I’m already making great contacts for my own work, like meeting a photographer who will help me with product photos.  (Yeah, my photos have improved, but I am CERTAINLY not anywhere near where I could be or would like to be.  I am always learning.)  At all the jobs I’ve liked, I have developed a strange pride of ownership.  You’d think I owned this place if you knew how pleased I am with it.  😉

I can’t deny what a thrill it is to see photos of my work on the Made Local Marketplace’s website.  I have helped conceive and organize some of the upcoming events like the Made Local Marketplace Peer-to-Peer Roundtable (Tuesday April 17th 6:30-8:30), the Makers’ Saturday: Swap, Make, & Eat (Saturday April 28th 11:00-2:00), and a “Open an Etsy Shop” Workshop that I’ll be hosting on Thursday May 10th 6:00-8:00.  This market space is going to help my business grow and I want to help it, too.  It is more than a gallery or shop space.  It’s a place I can get business advice from SCORE, attend a workshop about business or the environment, or just learn to make something new from another artist.

If you’ve in Sonoma County, please go check it out.  You’ll be supporting local artists and business people like me.

531 5th Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Monday – Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 11am-5pm


All photos are from the Share Exchange!

New Work for Different Venues

I have been making lots and lots of new work!  I’ve decided to take some of my jewelry into the Share Exchange, which means needing more jewelry to cover there and my Etsy Shop, Madame Saslow’s Curio.  Also, I’m going to have work at the Wednesday Night Market (if all goes well), so I need inventory for that, too.  So, work, work, work it is! I admit, some of it is for me, too.  I have to wear my work.  It’s good marketing.

Here’s a peak at what I’ve been doing.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What caught your eye?  What did you like?  What didn’t thrill you?  I’d love constructive criticism on my work.  My photography needs work, I already know that, however.

Insert Clever Title for Post about Wreath ‘Here’

Blogging when I’m tired means I can’t think of a creative title for my post.  However, I still really want you to see my latest creation.  This giant wreath is awesome!  Its as big in diameter as my arm is long.  I used the last little bit of gorgeous, expensive yarn leftover from my favorite knit hat for it, the great sparkly burgundy stuff from the notions floor at Britex.

I took this to the Share Exchange, too, since I’ve taken my other, smaller, wreaths there and its so huge I have no desire to ship it from Etsy.

Milo really likes this wreath, too.  You also get a picture of me looking fabulous when I dropped off the wreath, with a peak at my pink wreath in the window of the shop!

A Real, Live, Brick and Mortar Store Has My Art!

Saturday I had a luscious afternoon with my dear friend Kat.  In the process of wandering downtown to delicious Puerto Rican food at El Coqui (you really must try the Canoa con Carne de Molida) when we walked past a super cute shop.  “We have to come back here after lunch!”  What can I say, we were hungry.

So, after lunch we walked back down Fifth Street in Santa Rosa to The Share Exchange.

What a fantastic shop!  Kat and I were dazzled by all of the great stuff.  I bought us pretty little origami crane earrings (Milo ate one of mine that night, so I need a new pair), my husband “bought” me a gorgeous necklace for Valentine’s Day (I called him first to see if I could have it, that’s legit, right?), Kat bought me some flavorful wild sage honey & a necklace for herself, and as we were trying to leave, I saw that they sold tickets to The Imaginist’s upcoming production of “The Wizard of Oz”.  Alex is listening to “Wicked” during his commute and said he wanted to revisit the original story, so I had to go back in to buy tickets.

The best part… all of this is made by local artists and artisans!  A gallery of goodies that is all locally made fabulousness!  I can’t tell you how over the moon ecstatic I am.  I was gushing to the shop owner, Kelley, and she mentioned she just signed up her 240th artist.  I, of course, asked her how I could become her 241st.  I got the application and promised to return this week with something wonderful.

(Here’s a quick peak at the cuteness of the store, sadly, this cell phone camera doesn’t do it justice)

So today I boogied on back with fabulous yarn covered treasures.  Kelley seemed really pleased and was hanging my pink wreath in the window as I was leaving!  This is the first gallery I’ve been in and I’m just giddy.  Even if it wasn’t selling my work, I’d tell you all to go visit.  If you don’t live in/near Sonoma County, do you have a cool local shop for art?

Check out the facebook pages for the Made Local Marketplace and The Share Exchange for more photos and info.