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Not Wonder Woman

My creative juices have been lacking.  I should be gluing and painting things, and I just don’t want to.  I have projects in the works that need finishing, that I already know what I am going to do, but picking up the paint brush, going to Ace for the cup hooks, whatever, has been hard.  I have done some personal knitting, and that is nice.

I did have a glorious time gardening today.  Wonderful sunshine and fresh air.  I have such a hippie crush on my composter, and it hasn’t even started making lovely dirt yet.  My little kale plants are transplanted into a bigger, deeper pot.  I hope the snails are discouraged from climbing all that way to eat the tasty, tasty leaves.

Laundry is done.  Dishes are done.  My house is generally functioning.  But nothing amazing.  I haven’t even finished the first coat on my fabulous teal stairway, let alone started the second coat.

And you know what?  Oh well.  It will all happen in good time.  There are clean clothes to wear and dinner is on the table.  Sometimes that’s all we can ask of ourselves. I forgive myself for not being the crazy amazing Wonder Woman of productivity.

What can you forgive yourself?

This is not me right now.  But the image came from here.


The Death of a Sock

The Sock is Dead! Long Live the Sock!

I got my sock back on Friday night.  The sock the dog chewed.  Yep, its so dead.  I’m going to frog them both and use the yarn for something else.  Obviously, this yarn didn’t want to be socks.


Have you had any big set backs recently?

And for the curious, here’s the adorable culprit.  Djanjo was very well behaved at my house Friday night.  The cats keep him in line.

Crying Over a Kint Sock

I’ve been knitting some socks for about a year.  Its only the second pair of socks I’ve knit and I’ve had to frog more than a few times.  I finished the first sock on my honeymoon in July.  Last week, in an attempt to finish some of the Million and One Projects I’ve got on my list, I picked up the second sock once again.  I’m past half done.  I’ve turned the heel, made the gusset, and am knitting for length of the foot before decreasing for the toe.  Satisfaction.


I took my knitting bag to a house with a young dog.  Said dog snuck into my knitting bag during dinner and took my finished sock.  No one saw him with the sock until the next day.  I didn’t even realize it was missing.  I am told it has a hole in it.  I haven’t seen it, but my mind goes to the worst.  Even if its a small hole, the taking apart of a finished sock and re-knitting it once again is a bit soul crushing.  I can’t even work on the sock still in my bag because I want the other sock as a length comparison so they are the same size.

Of course, if its really, really bad, I’d have to order more yarn online.  The store I bought the gorgeous, expensive yarn at is closed now.

I do not want to just set this project aside again!  I want to be done with it.  Depending on the damage, should I just frog it and use the yarn for something else?  Should I suck it up and fix the holey sock if I can?  What would you do?

This dog is not the dog that took my socks.  It is someone else’s dog.