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Craft Booth Displays- Forks and Dishes

As promised, I bent forks for my Wednesday Night Market displays and took pictures.  Bending forks in a pleasing manner is not as easy as you might think.  I saw pretty pictures and thought, “I can do that!”  And I can, but I ruined a fork in the process.

Here’s the inspiration:

From Pretty Handy Girl via the Ginger Penny Pincher

And these hooks are gorgeous!

From The World by Us via the Ginger Penny Pincher


Here’s what I came up with.  I’m quite pleased.  The half marbles in the jars make a pretty weight.

I managed to find a cute free template for my little signs “Madame Saslow’s Curio Gladly Accepts Cash & Credit Cards” & “Take $5 OFF Purchase of Earrings & Necklace”. Then glued them to red paper for umph.

Here’s a mangled fork for your amusement.  😦

*Bonus Pics!*  My new business cards in the dish I sprayed orange to hold them at my booth! Gorgeous logo by Emily Martin.

I’ve had this “orange art” eraser for a long time, I’ve never wanted to “ruin” it.  And now it’s a perfect paper weight for my cards!


Why You NEED Great Photos

Great photos are crucial to the success of your online shop or blog.  I don’t care if you are selling art like me, selling video games, or just hoping people read what you write.  People want pretty things to look at.  Pinterest is an explosion of lovely pictures being collected into virtual cork boards and Facebook’s new timeline layout is all about the photos.

There is no reason to write a blog post if it isn’t going to have an image of something.  Remember back to elementry school… they used to test us on what kind of learners we were.  Some people are visual, some are kinetic, some auditory, etc.  My super informal research just now says 65% of people are visual learners.  You need to give people an image to associate with whatever you are writing about.

In an online shop like Etsy, people aren’t going to save your picture on Pinterest and thus have it repinned of your gorgeous one of a kind necklace, bracelet and earring set if the photos look like crap.  Other people aren’t going to use your item in a “treasury” that hopefully gets featured on Etsy’s front page for exposure if the photos look like crap.

Most importantly, they aren’t going to BUY it. 

Here’s a recent evolution of product photos:

The first photo is OKAY.  The peach is washed out, there is a bright flash spot, and it’s just kind of BLAH.

This second photo went through  It is a nifty FREE program that cleans up the white or black background on your photos.  It makes it so much cleaner and crisper.  Still the peach is weak and the photo is not enticing.

This newest photo is leagues beyond the first two, if I do say so myself.  The mason jar prop keeps the jewelry from just floating (and mason jars are VERY popular right now), the peach finally looks like it does in real life, and you get to see some of the texture in the vintage blue glass beads.  This photo makes me want to see more.  As cliché as it is, this photo could be part of a story.

As you can tell, I’ve been taking photos of this set of jewelry ALL WEEK.  I just have to accept that as an someone that uses the internet to sell my work, my new art form is photography.  It takes a lot of trial and error, but in the end it is worth it.  The photos are an integral part of the product, whatever that product may be.


Master Bathroom Redecorating Inspiration

I have had a lot of sleepless nights last week and during the middle of one night, a vision struck me.  I know what I want to do with my master bathroom!  (Very important bathroom decorating to think about at 2 am, don’t you know?)

After we moved in I painted the bathroom “Scuba Dive” and that looked… okay.  Too aqua.  Aqua is great, just not what I wanted in the bathroom.  It lived like that for awhile since it wasn’t bad.

Still, I wanted something darker and more subdued.  I painted it “Smoke Grey” and I love it.  It’s kind of blue, kind of purple, and some how warm, grey.  Everything else besides the towels (gorgeous rich purple ones we got for our wedding) is just sort of extended temporarily there.

I made myself a Pinterest board for my inspiration.  Pinterest is really very useful for that.  It isn’t just the greatest time drain of this year, it is in fact a useful tool for creating a virtual cork board.  I love being able to look at the various knobs I’ve pinned side by side with prices listed and being able to click back through to where that knob is from.  I highly recommend it for this sort of project.

Here are a few highlights from my Pinterst Board:

Black Chandelier- $145.  Photo from Wake Up Frankie.

Glam Rock Chadelier.  Photo from bLavish.

Gorgeous Black and White Shower Curtain with Beads!  Sadly, my cat Milo is NOT smart enough to not eat the beads.  We have to go with something less edible.  Image from Shower Design.

I found some tutorials on making my own Roman Shades, but want a fabric like this cute curtain on Etsy.

After making a pretend cork board I went pretend shopping.  I didn’t buy anything, but I strolled through Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond taking fuzzy pictures with my cell phone camera.  Funny enough, I had never done that.  I usually just pick something I like and buy it.  I hardly ever have regrets, and I don’t have a problem returning something the next day if I decide it isn’t right after all.  There were two things to consider, however.  Money is tight so I can’t just go buying things to redo my bathroom, and I really did need to get my husband’s ok on style.  I hadn’t even discussed my desire to decorate the bathroom with him.  I wanted to present him with my findings before plunging in.  (Not the plunger kind of plunging, though. Haha.)

He likes it!  He’s a bit hesitant on spending the money, but he really likes the design.  Phew!  I have no problem buying things bit by bit.  The bathroom isn’t going anywhere.  I already have two coupons for BB&B for the things I want to get from there.

Here’s the bathroom as it is now:

Here’s what I want to get:

Curtain from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  $19.99.  It has the black section at the top, too.  I love the embroidery and that the white part is made multiple pieces.  The seams give a subtle extra texture.

The knobs are from Target, too.  Basic, pretty acrylic with chrome.  The four pack is $11.99.  Compared to all the other places I scoped out online, I can’t really get them less expensive than this.  I can get REALLY REALLY nice expensive Swarovski crystal knobs, but that isn’t going to happen.  Those are about $27 EACH.  This isn’t my forever home.  We might be here another 2-5 years.

This tissue box cover is so glam rock amazing!  It’s $24.99 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but that’s what the never ending 20% off coupons are for, right?

I also need shower curtain hooks, which look like the knobs, and a curtain liner.  The other really great part is going to be silver paint for the ceiling (~$30 for a quart).

All said and done, without whatever awesome glam rock chandelier I end up creating out of a thrift store find, this project will cost us about $111 plus tax.  The silver paint is pricey, but I will use that for other great art projects.  I already have a quart of it in copper that I LOVE.  Not bad, I’d say.

How do you go about decorating a space?  Usually my rooms transform gradually, piece by piece.  Never so suddenly as this.  Do you plan?  Do you take your time?  Do you splurge and just go for it?  Is there something holding you back from redecorating a space you don’t enjoy?

(No, I am not getting money from any of the stores I mentioned for this post.  That would be super cool, though.)