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En Garde Fencing Mending

So, I’ve mentioned En Garde Fencing before.  Now that the holidays are over, I’m back in massive mending mode.  If you see me covered in little white bits of thread shrapnel, don’t be surprised.  I’ve been using my super huge seam ripper to take out broken zippers.  Don’t worry, I don’t stab myself too often.  And I’m told by Goose Girl Sews that my saliva will get the blood out.

Here are my current piles of work:

These I haven’t started on.

Fencing 1

These need new point guards.  It’s this flap around the neck that catches a foil tip and prevents it from sneaking up under your mask and stabbing you in the throat.  Very important.

Fencing 2

These have had zippers removed and I need to go buy new zippers.

Fencing 3

This is a shot of me in action, removing a zipper with my amazing seam ripper.  I got the biggest one I could find after breaking my old one on the tough fabric of the fencing jackets.  I love the big sturdy handle.



A huge next step might be to start creating old fashioned fencing jackets.  Just a lot of thick material, padding, and quilting.  I hear there is a niche for old school fencing gear that isn’t being met.

What are you working on?  Is there something you do that you don’t consider “art” but you still enjoy?  Want to help me sew in some zippers?

This post had more stabbing than usual.  Don’t worry, I’m healing.



Funny Looking Things I Sewed Today

On Pinterest and Etsy there have been cute little ideas of turning old sweaters into heart shaped hand warmers and things.

I was in possession of an old sweater.  It had stretched out and looked strange and baggy.  It was craft time!

I can use a sewing machine, but you might be fooled looking at these pictures.  I’m going to blame the ribbed nature of the old sweater.  Had this been attempted in felt or some other thick fabric that didn’t stretch to double plus in length things probably would have turned out wonderfully.  A serger might have also saved my crafts.  At least my husband will love the rice filled hand warmers, if he can remember to pop them in the microwave.

The lumpy looking prototype fingerless glove will never get a match made.  Knitting gloves like that takes longer and costs more in nice yarn, but it is so worth it.