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Insert Clever Title for Post about Wreath ‘Here’

Blogging when I’m tired means I can’t think of a creative title for my post.  However, I still really want you to see my latest creation.  This giant wreath is awesome!  Its as big in diameter as my arm is long.  I used the last little bit of gorgeous, expensive yarn leftover from my favorite knit hat for it, the great sparkly burgundy stuff from the notions floor at Britex.

I took this to the Share Exchange, too, since I’ve taken my other, smaller, wreaths there and its so huge I have no desire to ship it from Etsy.

Milo really likes this wreath, too.  You also get a picture of me looking fabulous when I dropped off the wreath, with a peak at my pink wreath in the window of the shop!


After Picture Napkin Rings

I totally cheated you in my last post, I didn’t tell you about the cheapo ugly plastic green napkin rings I bought.  Exciting, I know!  Doesn’t everyone want cheapo ugly plastic green napkin rings, one of which has an extra dated xmas flower design printed on it?

They sure do once I’m done with them!  I wrapped those bad boys in YARN!  Because right now everything is better wrapped in yarn.

I’ve also brushed glue on the inside for extra durability and non-falling apartness.  I’m taking these beauties to the Share Exchange on Tuesday.