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Fairy Giveaway from Castle of Costa Mesa

Tania Prosser is a fabulous artist at the Made Local Marketplace.  She made me aware of this giveaway for beautiful flower fairies from Castle of Costa Mesa.  



Do you see that one right in the middle there?  Yeah, her.  With the flaming red curly hair.  Yeah.  I want her.  So much so that I had to stop whatever Facebook scrolling I was wasting time with and blog about it.  Blogging about it gets me five extra entries, don’t you know?  It also means you know about the giveaway now, too, which means you’re competition… but I love all of you that read my blog so much that if you won and I didn’t I’d still love you.

Anyways, now that I’m here, I’m going to work on some real blog posts.  About stuff that I do. That doesn’t have to do with scrolling through FB.


6 Ways to Win Something Awesome I Didn’t Make

Hello Readers!  There is a fabulous artist, Megan, and I love her work.  She makes beautiful, intricate, detailed beaded work.  Stuff that I’m not patient enough for AT ALL.  Here’s a fabulous green beaded headband she made that I would look great in:

She also has some great eye themed pieces like these earrings and her evil eye pieces like this pendant.

Even better than me pimping her stuff because I love it and she reads my blog and I’ve NEVER EVEN MET HER* is that she’s having a give-away of some of her beautiful work!  She gives you 6, count em, 6 different ways to win!

1. Follow her blog and comment

2. Like her on Facebook and comment in her blog

3. Follow her on Twitter and, you guessed it, comment in her blog

4. Heart her Etsy Shop, MegansBeadedDesigns,  and comment in her blog

5. Blog about her giveaway in your own blog

6. Buy something from one of her many shops which you can find through her blog post, her FB page, or ask her on twitter.  I’ve done so many links my fingers are getting tired at #6.

Megan makes it so easy to enter!  And can you tell I want to win?  I’ve got 5/6 under my belt for entries.  No, you don’t have to do them all, I’m just being thorough like that.

*So cool and flattering.  Makes me feel like a real blogger.

P.S. In case you missed it, here’s her blog with the entry about the giveaway: